New Release: Oathbreaker- Ease Me


A while back, Oathbreaker released a new song called “Ease Me” on the Adult Swim Metal Swim 2 compilation. Now, a new EP release featuring the song along with a few different remixes by Jesu, Chelsea Wolfe and others, will be released May 8th (via Deathwish Inc.). Oathbreaker is one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time and their 2016 album Rheia is an absolute masterpiece. If you’ve never heard it, I urge you to do so. Check out Ease Me and the Ease Me (Jesu Remix) below!

Oathbreaker- Ease Me:



Oathbreaker- Ease Me (Jesu Remix):


Underrated and Influential: Prong


As a music enthusiast since a very young age, I’ve been able to see the power and effect specific bands from a point in time have on genres and on their peers. It’s truly a remarkable thing to see and hear. There is one band in particular that never really got their due and that is a bit unsettling in my mind. That band is Prong.