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Track One: Killswitch Engage- Numbered Days

Killswitch Engage’s album Alive Or Just Breathing is more than a game changing album, it’s a metal masterpiece. I had heard the songs “Fixation On The Darkness” and “My Last Serenade” before I heard the whole album but, when I started with track one, I knew a shift was coming in heavy music. “Numbered Days” is one hell of an opening track. Musically it’s heavy and melodic in all the right spots. Lyrically and vocally it’s powerful and gritty along with a generous helping of positivity. It’s one of those perfect album starters. The sing alongs over the years when they play this song live is so much fun to watch and listen to. It’s also interesting to hear Jesse Leach sing this song as well as Howard Jones. Both have such a commanding presence and voice that the message echoes quite loudly!

Killswitch Engage- Numbered Days (with Jesse):

Killswitch Engage- Numbered Days (with Howard):

New Release: Killswitch Engage- I Am Broken Too


August 16th is right around the corner and on that day, Killswitch Engage will be releasing their new album, Atonement (via Metal Blade Records). Today, the band has released a second single from their forth coming album, entitled “I Am Broken Too.” This song according to singer Jesse Leach “This song is very near and dear to my heart. I wanted the listener to feel the urgency, the heaviness of the topic as well as a possible connection. Many people suffer from mental illness in one form or another. I want nothing more than for people to feel like they are not alone in this struggle. There is always someone there to help, to listen, and to be there for you. Don’t lose hope and don’t let your brokenness consume you. Broken can be fixed, or at the very least, maintained. No one is alone in this fight.” A portion of the proceeds from this release will go towards Hope For The Day- a suicide prevention and mental health outreach non-profit.

Killswitch Engage- I Am Broken Too:


Killswitch Engage- Unleashed:


Anticipated Albums: Killswitch Engage- Atonement


On August 16, Killswitch Engage will release their new (and eighth) album Atonement. Today the band released the first single, “Unleashed.” Speaking on the song, singer Jesse Leach said “Unleashed’ is about inner passion and rage coming up to the surface. We all have that wild within that often stays dormant until a tragic event triggers and awakens it. This song is about that awakening within. I feel we were able to capture something raw and intense on this song and I’m stoked for everyone to hear it! The new album Atonement is a reflection of perseverance and passion through the trials and suffering of our existence.” The album also features guest spots from Howard Jones formerly of the band and now singer of Light The Torch, as well as Testatment’s Chuck Billy.

Killswitch Engage- Unleashed:


Classic Soundtracks: Outside Providence


In 1999, there was a film that came out called Outside Providence. The movie is based on writer and director Peter Farrelly’s (There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin, etc) novel of the same name. The film is a stoner style comedy full of the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. The movie stars Shawn Hatosy, Alec Baldwin, Amy Smart, the late Jonathan Brandis and a few others you might recognize.Something else that is pretty cool about this movie is that it features a very young Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage in a small role. The movie is quite enjoyable and the soundtrack kicks major ass. The soundtrack features bands like The Who, The Allman Brothers, Mountain, Free, ELO, and so many other great bands from the 70’s.


Outside Providence Soundtrack:


Outside Providence Trailer:

New Release: The Weapon


Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach always seems to be doing something to keep his musical appetite wet. In addition to Killswitch he also is a part of Times Of Grace and this new project called The Weapon. The Weapon is a straight forward hardcore/punk band. This “new band” seems more like a fun project and pays homage to all their influences from the early hardcore/punk era. Check out the 2 song EP.
The Weapon:


Ultimate Set List & Tour: Killswitch Engage w/ Jesse & Howard and Darkest Hour


The first Dream Tour and Ultimate Set List I made was pretty amazing. The line up of Mastodon, Neurosis and O’Brother would be a tour for the ages. After that, I made a list of others that I thought would be pretty amazing. What I present to you is a dream tour that would be absolutely awesome. Imagine if this ever did come to fruition… Killswitch Engage tours with Jesse Leach AND Howard Jones. Each singer gets their own set of songs from the albums they were on, and then at the end they join each other for a few songs. Well, here is the set list that I came up with, the one I’d want to see, along with Darkest Hour as their opener and their set list. Enjoy!!

With all that in mind, here are the guidelines for this now expanded category.

1: Where would you want to see the show

2: What is the order/set lengths of the bands

3: What line up of the band would it be (If necessary)

4: Set List (In order of how the set should go)



The Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts


1) Darkest Hour (45 mins), 2) Killswitch Engage (45 mins for Jesse, 45 mins for Howard, plus 15 mins for the Encore)

Line Up:

Darkest Hour: John Henry, Mike Schleibaum, Ryan Parrish, Kris Norris, Paul Burnette

Killswitch Engage: Jesse Leach, Howard Jones, Adam Dutkiewicz, Joel Stroetzel, Mike D’Antonio, Justin Foley

Set Lists:

Darkest Hour:

01) Doomsayer
02) No God
03) Convalescence
04) Timeless Numbers
05) So Sedated, So Secure
06) Knife In The Safe Room
07) Eclipse
08) Pay Phones and Pills
09) The Sadist Nation
10) For The Soul of the Savior

Killswtich Engage:

Jesse Set:

01) Numbered Days
02) Beyond The Flames
03) We Carry On
04) Life To Lifeless
05) You Don’t Bleed For Me
06) Cut Me Loose
07) Self Revolution
08) Fixation On The Darkness
09) In Due Time
10) Strength Of The Mind
11) Always
12) My Last Serenade
13) Vide Infra

Howard Set:

14) Daylight Dies
15) A Bid Farewell
16) A Light In A Darkened World
17) When Darkness Falls
18) World Ablaze
19) The Arms Of Sorrow
20) Breathe Life
21) Reject Yourself
22) My Curse
23) Rose Of Sharyn
24) The End Of Heartache

Jesse and Howard Together (Encore):

25) Irreversal
26) Soilborn
27) Take This Oath

Live Review: Killswitch Engage @ Fox Theater


There are certain bands that I have an affinity for and have made it a personal mission to go see them live. I’ve been a Killswitch Engage fan for many years. I’ve seen them a handful of times, but never with Jesse Leach. So after the release of their new album Incarnate, I knew I had to go see themJesse’s lyrics and voice are powerful and inspiring. So this night was full of great expectations, and I was full of excitement.

Kicking the night off was the band Toothgrinder. Their blend of prog and metal created a sense that this night was going to be heavy. Their short set was decent and full of energy. Enough to get the crowd pouring in to the venue into a frenzy in the pit.

Next up was 36 Crazyfists. These guys have been at it a long time and still deliver. Their first two albums especially A Snow Capped Romance, were in heavy rotation with my way back when. So this was very cool to see them playing with Killswitch. When the band got to the point in the set which they played songs off Snow Capped, the crowd erupted and got into it. You could tell who knew them from that era.

The direct support slot of the night went to relative newcomers Memphis May Fire. These guys are definitely not my cup of tea, but there sure were a lot of youngsters that were really digging them. Thankfully I had seats upstairs, so it was nice to take a break from standing while watching their energetic set. While they had great crowd interaction, I couldn’t help but be bored by their generic music. Plus I just wanted Killswitch to be on.


Finally the time arrived for Killswitch Engage, the main event of the evening. And they didn’t disappoint. The set began with “Strength Of The Mind,” and went straight into “A Bid Farewell,” and “Numbered Days,” signaling this was going to be one of those heavy nights. Getting to hear Jesse live was tremendous. Even with him being sick, he put his all into the show and delivered with his heart on his sleeve. The crowd participation was astounding, singing along to every song, helping out Jesse throughout the night. The rest of the set was a nice mix of hit songs, and deep cuts. Jesse brings a new sense of belief and urgency to the songs that former singer Howard Jones wrote. The new songs that were played “Alone I Stand,” “Hate By Design,” and one of my favorites “Embrace The Journey…Upraised” all were top notch. Closing out the set was the majors, “The End Of Heartache,” “My Curse,” and “In Due Time.”

At the end of the night my voice was nearly lost and my neck was hurting from head banging. Getting to watch and hear someone I’ve been inspired by for his words and voice give it his all was worth it for me. I’ve always believed that Killswitch with Jesse is the way it should be. Not to take away from what Howard did with the band, Jesse just has a certain personality that fits with the band. This was the best Killswitch show I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait for the next tour!


Killswitch Engage Set List:

Strength Of The Mind
A Bid Farewell
Numbered Days
No End In Sight
Beyond The Flames
Alone I Stand
This Fire Burns
Vide Infra
Breathe Life
Hate By Design
Rose Of Sharyn
Embrace The Journey…Upraised
My Last Serenade
The End Of Heartache
My Curse
In Due Time


By: Brian Lacy

Photos: Alisa Lacy

Guest Vocalist: Jesse Leach


The new Killswitch Engage album is so damn good. Jesse Leach’s vocals, lyrics and melodies are exceptional throughout all the albums he’s put out. He’s one of the most underrated singers in the last 15 years. As one of my all time favorite vocalists, my curiosity was raised to find out what other songs Jesse has made a guest appearance on. So here you go!

Killswitch Engage- Take This Oath (From The End Of Heartache):


Roadrunner United- Blood and Flames:


Thy Will Be Done- Preserving The Sacred:



Must Own Albums: Killswitch Engage- Alive Or Just Breathing


I’ve mentioned before that heavy music has many genres. Some are beyond hard to explain, and some really are simple. In the early 2000’s “METALCORE” landed on the map and a huge statement was made with the release of Alive or Just Breathing. This album is viewed as a defining moment for the genre and was well praised upon its release and to this day. One of the main bright spots of this album are the lyrics. Rather than harp of the negativity of life, the lyrics were aimed to bring a positive message through the music. Musically there is a well woven web of hardcore riffs, thrash riffs, and melodic sensibilities. all these intangibles created a sonically invigorating album. Songs like opener “Numbered Days,” Fixation On The Darkness,” “My Last Serenade,” “Life To Lifeless,” “Just Barely Breathing,” and the fantastic closer “Rise Inside” are all absolute standouts. Actually the entire album start to finish is a gem.

It must be said that Jesse Leach’s vocals on this album are beyond outstanding. His ability to roar then go into such delicate melodic singing is baffling. Guitar wise Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel play off each other extremely well. Each of their tones are just a little bit different, but brought into the mix wonderfully. Mike D’Antonio has a crunchy yet clean bass tone the balances out the clean tones coming from the guitars. The drums on the album were played by Adam Dutkiewicz, and they provide a great back drop for the pace of the songs and the album.

Jesse Leach is one of my favorite singers that have come about in the last 10 years. He really has a unique voice that is passionate and driving. The way he conveys his words in the songs is hypnotic almost. I truly wonder what the next album would have sounded like had Jesse stayed. Thankfully, Jesse is back and their most recent album Disarm The Descent is a powerful statement of his return.



By: Brian Lacy