Invent Animate

Band Of The Week: Invent Animate

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One of the most intriguing things about heavy music and its many sub-genres is the ability to take from all of them and make something fun and interesting. Recently I came across a band that has taken bits of metalcore and added some really cool prog elements as well as a tinge of ambience to find a balance that hits you like a ton of bricks when it all kicks in. That band is Invent Animate. Since their inception, they have played and toured with bands like Silent Planet, Northlane, Erra, Currents, After The Burial and many others. Their new album, Greyview (out now via Tragic Hero Records), is a summation of the description above but offers more than what you’d expect. The arrangements and space on these new songs showcase a band that is truly dedicated to writing deep and lasting songs. Invent Animate is a band that is on the verge of truly finding their sound and separating themselves from their peers.

Invent Animate- Greyview: