Band Of The Week: KANGA

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I’ll be totally honest, I was getting a bit annoyed with all the electronic music until I heard this band, I mean artist of the week. Instead of relying on the same old boring and tired electro beats, KANGA flipped the switch and brought out something I could really get behind. The sounds emitting from KANGA could be classified as “industrial”  but it’s more than that. The music and vocals are dark, mysterious and intoxicating. Taking bits and pieces from the darker side of electronic music and adding in some “hooks” and pop sensibilities along with hard driving rhythms, makes KANGA an artist the really pay attention to. She’s caught the attention of bands like The Black Queen and toured Europe and the US with them. And from all the videos I’ve seen of her live show, it’s no wonder why she’s been getting the acclaim she’s gotten. Give KANGA a listen and you’ll see why she’s one of the best around!

KANGA-KANGA (debut album):


KANGA- Live In Poland:


You Might Have Missed: Error


Way back in 2003/2004 there was a group that consisted of Atticus Ross (Nine Inch Nails), Leopold Ross and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion). This group came about when Atticus was messing around in the studio and came up with some very interesting sounds that could become songs.  Not long after the inception of the songs, Atticus recruited his brother Leopold to play drums and Bad Religion guitarist to play guitar and bass. On vocals Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) was asked to take on the vocals for the EP.

The end result of this collaboration brought 5 songs of pure electronic hardcore with a healthy dose of industrial. You can tell from listening to this EP, why Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross work so well together. The songs are blistering and uncompromising. After the 5 songs finish, the EP leaves you wanting more but, it also leaves you pumped up and ready for anything.

Sadly though it is unlikely that Error will return anytime in the future as discussed in a 2009 interview. However, in a 2011 interview with Greg Puciato, he discussed the possibility of doing a second EP with Error. I personally would love to hear a new EP. Greg will be done with Dillinger soon, so why not!



Error- Error EP:




Error- Wild World (Single):




Band Of The Week: Youth Code


Over the last few years electronic music has made a strong impact among many people. There has been a sort of “craze” about it and the scene has become flush with many different groups and genres. I’ve always dug on certain aspects of electronic music like, industrial and trip hop. Recently I saw a band live that has really reinvigorated my love for industrial music. That band is Youth Code. Formed in 2012 by Ryan William George and Sara Taylor, Youth Code has taken the scene by storm. By combining elements of industrial, electronica, and a bit of a dance vibe, Youth Code delivers a relentless and punishing sound that will make you bang your head and dance.

When I saw them a few months back, they absolutely stole the show and left me wanting more. Their live performances are intense and energetic. One thing that they have that their other peers lack are lyrics that really grab you just as the music does. It’s beyond refreshing to hear this style of music done so well. So do yourself a favor and check out Youth Code.


Youth Code- Commitment To Complications:


Youth Code- A Place To Stand:


Carried Mask:


The Dust Of Fallen Rome:


Live At Amoeba:



By: Brian Lacy







Band Of The Week: Crowhurst


If there is one thing I really enjoy  about music, it’s when I come across bands/artists that are taking chances. Not just taking chances though, but, putting out music that is deeply rooted in inspiration and emotion. This weeks band of the week Crowhurst, is just that. The music is dark and full of rage, all the while being experimental and pulverizing. There are shades of industrial, black metal, and ambiance throughout the songs. Led by vocalist/keyboardist/sampler Jay Gambit, Crowhurst have brought back the dark industrial vibe that has been missing from the genre for some time. One can tell from listening to them, that they really believe in what they are creating. Nothing seems forced or misplaced. If you are looking for something dark, heavy and bombastic, then Crowhurst is what you need.


Crowhurst- Crowhurst II:


Crowhurst- Take This Pain Away:


Band Of The Week: Bloody Knives


Remember the days when you’d be out shopping for music and an album cover and or a bands name would grab your attention compelling you to check it out? Then when you put it on you are completely blown away. I recently came across this weeks band of the week Bloody Knives, after seeing a poster for their upcoming tour, and it totally had the “I must check this band out” effect. Bloody Knives hail from Austin and mix parts electronic, post punk, shoegazerock, industrial and psychedelia. Think Death From Above 1979 slowed down just a tad and My Bloody Valentine. Their newest single “Reflection Lies” from their upcoming release is awe inspiring. Their use of psychedelia takes you on a journey while listening. The moody vibes they put out through their music are euphoric and have a power to put you in a musical trance. Their previous work, especially their releases Death and Disappear are raw and unrelenting. Bloody Knives are one hell of a band and deserve to be on your radar!


Bloody Knives- Reflection Lies:


Bloody Knives- Death:


Bloody Knives- Disappear:


Dekades- Red Trolley


The fantastic Dekades just released a new song. Check it out below:

Attacking with subtle goth moments and borderline industrial sounds, Dekades has unleashed another great song in “Red Trolley.” The vocals and melody are unique and powerful. Imagine if Fiona Apple had more range mixed with Beth Gibbons of Portishead. The drums come out heavy with a bit of a Nine Inch Nails vibe attached to them. The guitar accents and ambience amplifies the direction of the song, all the while the heavy distorted bass drives the song. Dekades are on the right track. I personally can’t wait to hear more.

By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: 3 Teeth


The use of electronics has become a focal point of many bands today. The problem is that most of those bands don’t use it properly. One band that really does is 3 Teeth. They have brought back the harder industrial/electronic sound that has gone missing. Their music has that old Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult influence to it. Based in Los Angeles their music has everything that industrial should present, extreme aggression, heavy guitars and plenty of thumping bass. The guys in 3 Teeth have managed to add little bits of modern electronic music. Their debut album is 14 tracks of unrelenting heaviness. Songs like “Pearls 2 Swine,” “Dust,” “Dissolve,” and “Too Far Gone” are all stand outs. 3 Teeth are gearing up to take their music to the stage, I can only envision the amount of volume and energy these guys will put out.


By: Brian Lacy