Album Review: Killswitch Engage- Incarnate


This is the first album that I’ve been anticipating all year. A few years back when Killswitch announced that Jesse was back in the band, it got me very excited. Disarm The Descent was a great way to welcome Jesse back into the fold. Now on this new album Incarnate, the band have stepped it up in a huge way. Taking a cue from their masterpiece Alive Or Just Breathing, the songs on the album get deep lyrically and musically they are taking chances, expanding on the melodic metal sound they helped to bring to the masses. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed on this album is Jesse’s voice. His screams are more direct and menacing in his delivery of the lyrics, while his clean singing voice has gotten better and better over the years. His range and emotion while singing is a true stand out amongst the talented musicians. One of my favorite songs “Embrace The Journey…Upraised,” really has the feel of the Alive era, but this song brings it in a different way, adding more ambience to the song, making it more epic by nature. Not to mention the positive outlook in the words. “Quiet Distress” is similar to the Times Of Grace project that Jesse and Adam have on the side. Its acoustic setting and dual vocals really drive home the message of the song. “Just Let Go” is another emotionally charged song that sees Jesse bare his soul a little more. “Strength Of The Mind,” is a classic Killswitch song, that will get the crowds going when they play it live. The song “It Falls On Me” is one of the most epic songs the band had ever put out. This is my favorite song on the album as of this writing. I hope it becomes a fan favorite and they include it in their setlist rotation. For those looking for a real head banging track “The Great Deceit” is the song you want. Closing out the album is “Ascension,” a song that sums up the entire album lyrically.

Incarnate is an album that will leave you feeling a sense of hope and positivity. One of the things I look for in bands is the ability to write strong lyrics that have depth and meaning. Jesse Leach has done just that and then some. He has bled his heart and soul out on this album. Since I first heard his voice and lyrics, I’ve been a fan of his. Not to take anything away from what Howard Jones did with the band, but Jesse has always been the voice of the band for me. If Killswitch carries on with the direction they went with Incarnate, they will have many more years of longevity to come.


Killswitch Engage- Incarnate:

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Back in 2013 after many years away from Killswitch Engage, singer Jesse Leach came back to the band. The result was astounding and the album Disarm The Descent that marked his return was fantastic. Now in 2016, the band is back and ready to unleash their next album, Incarnate. March 11th can’t come soon enough!!!


Killswitch Engage- Strength Of The Mind:


Killswitch Engage- Hate By Design:


Killswitch Engage- Cut Me Loose:


Killswitch Engage- Alone I Stand:


Killswitch Engage- Just Let Go:


Killswitch Engage- Embrace The Journey…Upraised:


Killswitch Engage- Quiet Distress:

Album Rank: Killswitch Engage

Killswitch_Engage_by_V1N3_wallpaperSince their album Alive Or Just Breathing, I’ve been a fan of Killswitch Engage. Their original singer Jesse Leach has one of the best voices in heavy music. His lyrics stretch beyond the generic norm of what everyone writes. After he left and was replaced by Howard Jones, Killswitch went on to further success and released a great album in The End Of Heartache. Although the albums that followed weren’t as good as their first two, they were still scattered with some really great songs. A couple years back Jesse came back to the band and their album Disarm The Descent was a great comeback. So here is a ranking of their albums from not the best to their best.

Killswitch Engage (2009):

Killswtich Engage (2000):

As Daylight Dies:

Disarm The Descent:



The End Of Heartache:

Alive Or Just Breathing: