Hollywood Palladium

Live Review: Bush @ Hollywood Palladium

To say it’s been a while since I’ve seen Bush live would be an understatement. It’s been about 20 years since I have seen them live. I’ve still followed them and listened and purchased almost every album they’ve released (sorry I just couldn’t do Black and White Rainbows). Their last two albums, The Kingdom and The Art Of Survival have breathed new life into the band and revitalized them. The Art Of Survival is truly a superb album. One that I’d put in their top 3 albums. So, when it was announced that Bush would be back out on tour headlining, and how much I’ve enjoyed the last two albums, I knew I had to go see them again. And that I did, while wearing my Razorblade Suitcase tour shirt that I got in 1997 when I was 13 (the shirt is 26 years old, it’s ok to wear it to the show)! And what a show it was.

Opening the set with “Identity” from The Art Of Survival was a treat. That song has a very impactful opening riff and was quite perfect to open the night with. Though there could’ve been a couple others to pick from but, going with a new song showed that the band wasn’t relying on the past to kick things off. Next up was the classic “Machinehead” which sent the crowd into a roar that felt like it was the mid/late 90’s again when Bush was on top of the world. That song no matter how many times I’ve heard it, will always be stellar. Following that was “Blood River” from The Kingdom. This is probably my favorite song off of that record. It’s rifftastic and Gavin’s vocals/lyrics are quite profound on this one without all the metaphorical layers. Another track from The Kingdom that I love and the crowd was fully into was “Bullet Holes” which you also might have heard in John Wick 3. That song is so damn good. The set was quite well balanced with new and old songs mixed. Songs like “The Chemicals Between Us” struck a nostalgic chord amongst the crowd and the singing along during the chorus was quite loud and fun. Then they’d throw in some more new songs like “Flowers On A Grave” and Quicksand” that got the crowds energy going even more due to the heavier nature of the songs. Of course when “Everything Zen” was played it felt like 1994 all over again. I think the crowd sang it louder than Gavin at points. There were a couple definite highlights of this set for me. One was when they played “Heavy Is The Ocean” the first track off of The Art Of Survival. I love this song. It’s such a great song. I almost wish they started the night off with it. Live this song went a bit harder and heavier than the album version which I love when that happens. I couldn’t help but sing along, loudly during this one (as I did with pretty much every song this evening). This song has a classic Bush sensibility to it with a modern touch. Give that track a listen when you can! Another stand out for me was “1000 Years” which is the closing song on The Art Of Survival. Gavin performed it by himself and it was one of those subdued performances that had you listening close and going with the whole vibe of it. Closing out their main set was their number 1 hit song “More Than Machines” which is a really rocking song and it comes off live so damn good. And then to have “Little Things” round that out just made it all that much better. “Little Things” still sounds great and the way they extended it out a bit made it even more fun. For their “encore” they roared back with “The Kingdom” and damn did that one deliver. I still to this day don’t understand why that song was not the first track on the album “The Kingdom” but, that’s for another day and another topic. The final two songs of the night were classics “Glycerine” and “Comedown.” Gavin performed “Glycerine” alone and at times acapella which was so good. The sing along with the crowd during that point could give you chills. Then to end it all with “Comedown” just brought it all together. The extended version they played too was so much fun, I didn’t want it to end.

For a band that’s been around as long as Bush and to deliver a set this damn good makes me not only want to go see them again when they come through again but, also made me fall back in love with this band. Though there was nothing from Razorblade Suitcase played (I’ll let it slide this time hahaha), this set was great. As I mentioned, mixing the new with the old and a few other songs scattered through made this not a nostalgic set but rather one that felt fresh and captivating. For those of us in the crowd that were familiar with the new, those songs came off great and the classics felt alive and revitalized. I really do have to give it up to Gavin for his stage presence. He’s always been able to connect with the crowd and now when he goes off without his guitar it’s like he’s a new frontman with even more energy than before. Chris Traynor, you are seriously gifted and underrated. The style and vigor he plays with on stage is inspiring. Everything he’s been a part of from Orange 9mm, Helmet, Institute and now Bush, he fits perfectly. Corey Britz has a swagger to his style of bass playing and his backing vocals are the perfect compliment to Gavin’s vocals. Nik Hughes is one hell of a drummer. His precision and little bits he adds to the songs are subtle but, perfect.

Bush is back and I am stoked for how far they’ve come. If you haven’t yet heard The Art Of Survival or The Kingdom, I highly recommend you taking a listen to those albums. They really are good. It’ll have you back to being a fan of the band again. One of the other things I loved about this show was the audience. It was stacked with old and new fans. Some more rabid than others as Gavin still draws the ladies in for damn sure. This show though was on fire from the first chord till the guitars rang out during “Comedown.” And as the song says, as the show was over “I don’t want to come back down from this cloud.” I can’t wait till the next one!

Bush Set List:

01) Identity
02) Machinehead
03) Blood River
04) The Chemicals Between Us
05) Bullet Holes
06) The Sound Of Winter
07) Flowers On A Grave
08) Everything Zen
09) 1000 Years
10) Quicksand
11) Heavy Is The Ocean
12) More Than Machines
13) Little Things


14) The Kingdom
15) Glycerine
16) Comedown


Live Show Review: Anthrax, Black Label Society & Hatebreed at Hollywood Palladium

When this tour was first announced, I was pretty stoked on it. You get the 40th anniversary of Anthrax, Black Label and to top it all off Hatebreed is opening the night. Sounds like a pretty damn good recipe for a metal tour. Plus all this happening at the Hollywood Palladium was the cherry on top as this venue for metal shows have a long history. As I arrived, the marquee said it was sold out, and when I walked in the venue, it was packed to the gills with fans waiting to open up the pits.

Hatebreed was first and I have to say, they stole the show. They way they came out and just absolutely destroyed was classic. It had been at least a decade since I last saw Hatebreed live and they haven’t lost a step at all. In fact, I’d dare say they have gotten even better live. Jamey Jasta is still one hell of a frontman and his voice still sounds crisp. I’ve long thought that the rhythm section of bassist Chris Beattie and drummer Matt Byrne are one of the more underrated duos and this show proved just how damn good they are together. On guitar Wayne Lozniak and Frank Novinec played with a blistering aggression that when all 5 elements came together made for one hell of an eruption. Their set list too was damn near perfect. Playing a chunk of songs from my two favorite albums of theirs (Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire and Perserverance) along with some other gems from The Rise Of Brutality, Supremacy, The Concrete Confessional and their newest, Weight Of The False Self really drove home that Hatebreed wasn’t here to just warm up the crowd. They came to destroy and conquer and that they did!

Black Label Society was next and to be honest, it seemed a little bland and phoned in at times. The last time I saw them live was quite a few years ago when they were on tour with Children of Bodom and Clutch. I remember being bored and annoyed by all the pinch harmonics. Thankfully this evening there was a limit on those but, there just seemed like there was something a little off about it. Perhaps they weren’t the best choice as a direct support band, perhaps too, following Hatebreed was a bit difficult. Either way, they still put on a good show and Zakk Wylde is still a monster on the guitar. My friend I was with at the show mentioned to me mid set too that he had seen them play better. So it wasn’t just me that thought it was off a bit.

Anthrax was the reason why most of us were in attendance (I was there for Hatebreed too) and when it came time for them to take the stage, the Palladium was in a frenzy. 40 years as a band is quite an accomplishment. Even if they have had different eras of the band, the legacy of the albums and songs are still intact. Kicking off their set was a little video package of their peers talking about Anthrax and the impact they had on them. That was a fun way to kick things off but I did notice something interesting in the video package, John Bush was left out but Paul Crook was shown. After that, “Among The Living” really got the party started followed by “Caught In A Mosh.” That’s one hell of a 1, 2 punch to start a show. from there the set included songs like “Madhouse,” “Metal Thrashing Mad,” “I Am The Law” newer songs like “The Devil You Know,” and “In The End.” Personally the highlight of their set was them playing “Only.” Though the way Joey Belladonna sang it, he didn’t do it justice and at times it seemed like he was mocking the song by adding extra vibrato to his voice. Plus, I’m just gonna say it, you had John Bush in the damn crowd, why not bring him up to sing the song and sing it right?! Anthrax wrapped up their set with “Bring The Noise” and brought out Chuck D from Public Enemy for performance. That was pretty rad to see and hear. (I have my own issues with Chuck D and Public Enemy but I’ll save that for another time and place). Closing everything out was the song “Indians.” Anthrax put on a really good show and were super tight especially Scott, Charlie and Frank. The three of them are one hell of a trio. It was kind of disappointing though that this was their 40th anniversary tour/show and they didn’t cover every album. They completely bypassed Volume 8, Stomp 442 and We’ve Come For You All. Which is a shame because there are some really great songs on those records, especially on We’ve Come For You All. Thankfully, the last time I saw Anthrax before this show was back during the We’ve Come For You All era and the show I saw was at The Whisky and that show was amazing.

All in all this was a very good show. It was what you’d expect at this point from Anthrax and Black Label. Like I said early on in this review, Hatebreed stole the show and after the bar they set, good luck beating that. One thing I can say is that a show like this proves that rock and metal is alive and well. It just went more underground a bit. I for one am looking forward to what Anthrax comes out with next on their upcoming album as well as what Hatebreed does next! It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the show, I really did, it just didn’t feel like a proper anniversary show. Plus I’ve always liked the John Bush era of Anthrax better than with Joey and John has this way about his voice, presence and writing ability to take the songs to a whole other level! Perhaps a “Bring John Bush Back Petition should be started?!

Hatebreed Set List:

01) Proven
02) Destory Everything
03) A Stroke Of Red
04) Before Dishonor
05) Seven Enemies
06) Driven By Suffering
07) Betrayed By Life
08) To The Threshold
09) Smash Your Enemies
10) Empty Promises
11) Tear It Down
12) Perserverance
13) Live For This
14) I Will Be Heard
15) Looking Down The Barrel Of Today

Black Label Society Set List:

01) Funeral Bell
02) Destroy & Conquer
03) Overlord
04) Heart Of Darkness
05) A Love Unreal
06) You Made Me Want To Live
07) In This River
08) Trampled Down Below
09) Set You Free
10) Fire It Up (With Extended “Boring” Guitar Solo)
11) Suicide Messiah
12) Stillborn

Anthrax Set List:

01) Among The Living
02) Caught In A Mosh
03) Madhouse
04) Metal Thrashing Mad
05) The Devil You Know
06) Keep It In The Family
07) Antisocial
08) I Am The Law
09) In The End
10) Only
11) Bring The Noise (with Chuck D)
12) Indians

Live Review: Nine Inch Nails at The Palladium


When a band as big as Nine Inch Nails opts to play small venues and do multiple nights, you know that it’s going to be special. Back in 2009, I was lucky to get to go to a few of the Wave Goodbye shows Nine Inch Nails did in Los Angeles. I was able to go to the Wiltern, Fonda and Palladium shows. Each of those nights have always stood out in my concert going history. The Palladium show that evening was special as The Downward Spiral was played in its entirety. Last night didn’t have that happen but it was one of those shows that rank pretty high in my now 18 times seeing Nine Inch Nails.


Live Review: Alice In Chains at The Palladium


How do you put into words a feeling that comes over you when you see a band that is truly amazing? Not to mention still being speechless about what you saw. Last night at The Palladium in Hollywood, Alice In Chains came though town like a tornado and left the town in shambles after their magical performance. I’ve now had the pleasure of seeing this incarnation of the band seven times, and each time only gets better than the last. Alice In Chains are not only living legends but they are also the epitome of what a truly great rock band is all about.


As the lights dimmed down and Sean, Mike, William and Jerry took the stage, you could already sense that this was going to be a night of epic proportions. Starting the night off with “Check My Brain” was a perfect choice to get things going. Then the quick follow up with “Again” just about set the audience off into a frenzy. Next up was the new single “Never Fade” from their most awesome new album Rainer Fog. This song was absolutely stellar live. It’s going to be one of those that will be in their live set for the rest of their career. All the classic songs like “Them Bones,” “Dam That River,” We Die Young,” “No Excuses,” and “It Ain’t Like That” were top notch. Certain ones though like “Down In A Hole” and “Nutshell” were seriously spine tingling. I still have chills just thinking about how amazing those songs sounded. William DuVall is a gem. He really brings the songs to life in his own way without tarnishing the legacy of Layne Staley. William absolutely inhabits the older songs with such precision it’s beautiful. Through the rest of the night songs like “Red Giant,” “So Far Under” from Rainer Fog were played along with “Man In The Box,” “Stone,” and “Hollow.” Their encore even was outstanding. Coming out with “The One You Know” and moving into “Got Me Wrong,” holy wow! Ending the evening was “Would” and “Rooster” which featured a special guest, Robby Krieger of The Doors. Just thinking of the moment when Jerry announced Robby was joining them on stage, is going to be one of those oh shit moments in my concert going history.

IMG_4625.JPGPlaying before Alice In Chains was The Pink Slips. This band is a really solid rock n roll band. Led by singer Grace McKagan’s (she’s also the daughter of Duff McKagan of GnR), sass and attitude along with killer pipes made her bands blend of punk, new wave, and rock the perfect band to play before Alice In Chains. This five piece really delievered a great performance. They are definitely one of those bands that when you see live, you “get it.” They’ve got all the makings of a great rock band for the future. The riffs, rhythms, and prowess all blended together to make something really cool. I personally look forward to seeing The Pink Slips again and to watch them continue to kick ass.

What a wonderful evening. I couldn’t have asked for better. Alice In Chains is a powerhouse. William DuVall was not only the right choice to carry on the legacy of the band but, he adds so much to the band. I swear, there are moments when he’s singing the classics, that Layne’s spirit is inside of William. Especially during “Nutshell” and “Down In A Hole.” Holy shit… I can’t explain how amazing William sounds on those songs. Alice In Chains’ legacy is intact for generations to come. Their albums with Layne will always be classics and the new albums with William stand out on their own. I urge you to go see Alice In Chains. Not only will you have a brilliant time but, if you are a doubter about this new incarnation, your mind will not only be changed but, you’ll be blown away.

Alice In Chains Set List:

01) Check My Brain
02) Again
03) Never Fade
04) Them Bones
05) Dam That River
06) Hollow
07) Down In A Hole
08) No Excuses
09) Stone
10) We Die Young
11) Red Giant
12) Nutshell
13) It Ain’t Like That
14) So Far Under
15) Man In The Box


16) The One You Know
17) Got Me Wrong
18) Would?
19) Rooster (with Robby Krieger of The Doors)

Songs From Albums:

Facelift= 2
SAP= 1
Dirt= 5
Jar Of Flies= 2
Alice In Chains= 1
Black Gives Way To Blue= 1
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here= 2
Rainer Fog= 4

Review By: Brian Lacy

Photos By: Alisa Lacy