High Road

Video Rank: Mastodon


So Mastodon has released a new album called Emperor Of Sand, and that is quite possibly the album of the year. Needless to say I’ve been in quite the Mastodon mood. Plus it’s been awhile since I’ve done a video rank, so why not do it for Mastodon.


10) March Of The Fire Ants (From- Remission):



09) High Road (From- Once More Round The Sun):


08) Colony Of Birchmen (From- Blood Mountain):


07) The Motherload (From- Once More Round The Sun):


06) Asleep In The Deep (From- Once More Round The Sun):


05) Blood And Thunder (From- Leviathan):


04) Show Yourself (From- Emperor Of Sand):


03) Sleeping Giant (From- Blood Mountain):


02) Divinations (From- Crack The Skye):


01) Oblivion (From- Crack The Skye):

Two For Tuesday: NEW MASTODON



In anticipation of the new album by Mastodon, entitled “Once More Round The Sun” here are the first 2 tracks released from that album. When I saw Mastodon live recently, they played them and in classic Mastodon form, these songs are beasts live. I present to you all, “High Road” and “Chimes At Midnight.”


High Road:


Chimes At Midnight:


By: Brian Lacy