Heart Heart Head

Band Of The Week: Meg Myers


What do you get when you mix the angst of the 90’s along with Fiona Apple and a little Tori Amos? I’ll tell you… you get Meg Myers. Meg has created music that is fresh and real in a world of pop fakers. Her emotion carries through in her vocal delivery. She can sing like the best of them and scream as good if not better than some of the heavier bands. The lyrics are all real and you can relate and feel just what she is singing. Since coming out to California from her native Tennessee, Meg has released 2 EP’s and now just released her first full length album entitled SORRY. There is something truly haunting and beautiful about Meg Myers. Songs like “Desire,” Heart Heart Head,” “Monster,” and “Sorry,” really highlight her abilities. Meg has been on tour with Royal Blood, The Pixies and made festival appearances at Lollapalooza and an assortment of other big festivals. Meg is on the rise and you should take note of her.


Heart Heart Head:


Lemon Eyes:


Full Set at Lollapalooza:



By: Brian Lacy