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Great Music Videos: Failure- Stuck On You


Failure’s amazing, influential, and must own album Fantastic Planet is full of so many great things. One of the best things about the album is the video for the song “Stuck On You.” This song was released as the first single from the album and reached #23 on the US Alternative Chart as well as #31 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts on Billboard.  The video itself is something special. Released in 1997, the video resembles and pays homage to the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The video was directed by Ken Andres along with Phil Harder who has worked on videos for bands like The Afghan Whigs, Low, Incubus, Local H and Prince to name a few. “Stuck On You” is one of those songs that is super catchy but, also a timeless song, just like the video.


Failure- Stuck On You:


Album Review: Failure- In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind


Ever since Failure announced their return in late 2013, it’s been a wonderful welcoming sight to have them back. Their first show back was one for the books. It was one of those nights where the stars aligned and everything that was meant to be, happened. Then, they announced The Heart Is A Monster, the long awaited follow up to the highly influential and perfect album Fantastic Plant. The tour that followed that up was something special as well. Now, fast forward a bit and Failure are back yet again with a new album, In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind. This 16 song collection, follows in the footsteps of the two albums before and comes across as inspired and chock full of everything you’ve ever loved about Failure.

The release of the album began with a series of E.P.’s, slowly wetting the appetite of their fans. Each release would give you just a taste of what’s to come. Failure has never been a band that repeats itself and it shows on each album. They have honed and perfected a style that is truly theirs. This album is a perfect example of how maturity and life intersect to create true art. In a recent interview, Ken Andrews said that this album is probably the most personal album they’ve ever written and it shows. That’s not to say their previous works weren’t personal, this one really does seem to have an extra bit of pouring out of the soul. Musically this album is stunning. The styles vary from space rock, shoe gaze, and very alternative to some of the heaviest riffs and rhythms they have ever put together. Songs like “Dark Speed,” “Paralytic Flow,” “No One Left,” “Found A Way,” “Distorted Fields,” “Heavy and Blind,” “Apocalypse Blooms,” and “Force Fed Rainbows” are among the songs that really stood out to me. The entire album including the segues (what’s a Failure album without segues), is masterful. It’s an true album through and through. The sequence of the songs and how the ebb and flow goes really creates a visceral experience while listening.

Failure are the type of band that other bands want to be. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion of who Failure reminds me of and that band is The Velvet Underground. Both bands were ahead of their time, often misunderstood and they both released an album that changed the landscape of music for years and bands to come. Failure’s Fantastic Planet is the 90’s equivalent of The Velvet Underground’s debut album. These two records are beyond responsible for so many bands forming and creating. There is something else about this new Failure album that really stands out to me and that is how truly in sync Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kellii Scott are. The amount of power that rips through these songs is astounding. There’s a sense of urgency about the material and the performances without losing sight of what’s best for the song. It’s remarkable that Failure can continuously put out new music that is this good. Most bands would just choose the safe thing at this point in their career but, Failure takes chances and pushes the envelope. In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind is an album not just for today but one that will be talked about for many years to come. If Fantastic Planet cemented the bands legacy, this album is definitely one that will further compliment that legacy.

Overall Rating- 9/10

Failure- In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind:

Album Review: Failure- In The Future


In a surprise move a couple weeks back, Failure released a new EP called In The Future. This is the first part of three releases that will culminate into a full length at years end. In The Future features 3 songs and a segue that sees the band exploring a bit of a different territory musically. Well it’s actually not that different, if you are a fan of Greg’s other band Autolux, there are shades of that band bleeding through into Failure on this new material.

Opening the EP is “Dark Speed” an almost throwback track to the bands early days a la Comfort. The vocals are spaced out in the perfect Failure way but also take turn with its more spoken word style. “Paralytic Flow” is what you’d expect from Failure. This song is a perfect example of what Failure does best. The drums on this song in particular, courtesy of the great Kellii Scott are thunderous yet reserved, exploding at the right times to push the song along. The other new song “Pennies” is actually an older song that the band reworked for this new release. If you have the rarities album Golden, you can find the original version of “Pennies” on there. This is the second time Failure has reached back into the vault and redid a song. On The Heart Is A Monster, the song “Petting The Carpet” is also from the Golden album. And then there is the Segue, this one is Segue 10. It wouldn’t be a Failure release without a Segue.

As an EP this release seems a bit disjointed but, knowing that this is just the first part of something a lot bigger, it gives you just the right amount of a taste to tide you over till the next part comes. Failure are true artists in every aspect. They have always played by their own rules and the results have never disappointed. Ken, Greg and Kellii as a unit are unstoppable and this release is just the tip!

Dark Speed:

Paralytic Flow:


Segue 10:

Album Review: Failure- The Heart Is A Monster


Since they announced their reunion, I was hoping for a new Failure album. When I first heard Fantastic Planet way back when, I became hooked and was left wanting more. Thankfully in 2014 they returned and took everyone by storm by picking up right where they left off. Their new album The Heart Is A Monster is well worth the almost 20 year wait. Not only does the album seamlessly pick up where Fantastic Planet left off, it takes you further down the rabbit hole only to come out on the other side with an entirely fresh outlook. Songs like “Hot Traveler,” and A.M. Amnesia kickstart the album in a very upbeat way. “Counterfeit Sky” is an absolute stellar track. I had the pleasure of hearing this song live recently, when you hear this song, you’ll know Failure means business! The softer side of the album has songs like “Mulholland Drive.” This song is a little bit Pink Floyd mixed with The Beatles. Other highlights from the album are “Come Crashing,” “The Focus,” “Atom City Queen,” and two older songs that were reworked “Petting The Carpet,” and “I Can See Houses.

Failure have released what I consider to be the absolute album of the year. The dynamics of this band are unparalleled and inspiring. There is something truly special about the music that is made by Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kellii Scott. The Heart Is A Monster is a modern classic without being a throwback album.

By: Brian Lacy

Video Of The Week: Failure- Hot Traveler

As June 30th gets closer, my excitement for the new Failure album is growing by extremes. I really think their new album The Heart Is A Monster is going to challenge anything so far and will come out, for album of the year. On Monday, Failure released their video for the first single from their long awaited follow up to Fantastic Planet. Here it is in all it’s glory!

Failure- Hot Traveler:

By: Brian Lacy

Live Review: Failure at the Fonda Theater


There have been certain bands that I’ve seen since I first started going to concerts at age 4 that have left me utterly speechless and mind blown. To name a few, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Neil Young, Deftones, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi and now Failure. Back in February when they played their first show in 16 years, I was left with my jaw on the floor and so much inspiration. Seeing them again not only reaffirmed my thoughts about them, but also gave me hope that great music is still around and coming back. Last night at the Fonda, Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards, and Kellii Scott made it an unforgettable night. The final date of their tour and in their hometown made it special. The band ripped through 16 songs before coming back for a 5 song encore which included a brand new song “The Focus” and “Bernie.” Unlike their El Rey reunion show, Failure seemed really comfortable and ready to leave it all on stage.

The show started with a short 20 minute movie of the films that have influenced Failure over the years. “Another Space Song” kicked off their set beautifully. “Wet Gravity” really got the crowds energy going. Kellii was playing his drums with such force he kept knocking off the microphones placed on the drums. You could tell that all the guys on stage were having a great time. Other highlights from the set were “Saturday Savior,” “Sergeant Politeness,” “The Nurse Who Loved Me” (Which Ken got the crowd participating), “Pillowhead,” “Small Crimes,” “Solaris,” and closing out the main set was “Heliotropic” (One of my personal favorite Failure songs). There was a great deal of focus on playing songs from Fantastic Planet, and when the band started playing songs from Magnified the crowd got even crazier, especially when they played the song “Magnified” during their encore. This night was also Ken Andrews’ birthday. His wife came out on stage with a cake and led the entire crowd in singing happy birthday. “Daylight” (another of my favorites) was the final song of the evening.

When the show was over there was a real genuine sense of awe and astonishment in the room. I was left (and still am) utterly speechless, amped up and inspired. Failure being back really does give hope that rock music is coming back with a vengeance. Ken, Greg and Kellii are amazing musicians, songwriters and a great source of inspiration. Failure is back!!!



1. Another Space Song
2. Frogs
3. Wet Gravity
4. Saturday Savior
5. Sergeant Politness
Segue 2
6. Dirty Blue Balloons
7. Undone
8. Pillowhead
9. Segue 3
10. The Nurse Who Loved Me
11. Blank
12. Solaris
13. Small Crimes
14. Smoking Umbrellas
15. Stuck On You
16. Heliotropic
17. The Focus (New Song)
18. Bernie
19. Magnified
20. Screen Man
21. Daylight

Another New FAILURE Song!


It’s official, good music does still exist. Since the news broke of Failure’s reunion, every fan wanted a tour and new music. There was some hesitation on what new material might sound like, and the direction they would go in. To no surprise, Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kelli Scott, did not disappoint. The newest track released “The Focus” sounds like classic Failure set in modern day. The space guitar, the rumbling bass and thumping drums mixed with a catchy vocal melody makes this song very infectious. Take a listen and hear for yourself!


By: Brian Lacy

Cover Thursday: Replicants (Steely Dan)- Dirty Work



I am not a Steely Dan fan at all. In fact to quote Seth Rogen in Knocked Up “Steely Dan gargles my balls.” Strangely though, their song “Dirty Work” seems to pop in my head from time to time. I remember an episode of The Sopranos when Tony Soprano (RIP James Gandolfini) was singing it while driving. Thankfully there is a version of this song that I can listen to and thoroughly enjoy. It’s by a super group of sorts. In 1995 Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards of Failure joined forces with Paul D’Amour (formerly of Tool) and Chris Pitman (now in the new Guns N Roses) and recorded and album of covers under the name Replicants. Enjoy the only way Steely Dan can truly be tolerated!


New FAILURE song!!!! Come Crashing


In conjunction with their first full headlining tour in 17 years, Failure has released a brand new song as well as an exclusive tour EP (only available at shows). The new song entitled “Come Crashing” is exactly what you think new Failure would sound like, AMAZING! Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kelli Scott make beautiful music together and this shows. The production is exquisite and each instrument is mixed so well. Lyrically, it shows a more adult version of the band without taking away what they are known for. Enjoy the first new Failure song in almost 20 years!


By: Brian Lacy