Band Of The Week: The Pink Slips


Ever since I saw them open for Alice In Chains, I can’t stop listening to The Pink Slips. Their show was impactful and full of great rock n roll energy and it left me wanting more. The Pink Slips have defined their sound as a fusion of synth-pop, punk, dance, and vintage rock n roll. I’d say that’s a pretty spot on description. Fronted by the very dynamic and forceful Grace McKagan (aka Grave), along with┬áDesi Scaglione (Guitar), Keenan Bevans (Drums), Charlie Anastasis (Bass), and Trent Peltz (Keys/Backing Vox), this five piece is fast becoming a band that is decimating stages and audiences.

The bands debut EP entitled Trigger, is a welcome addition to the rock world. These songs have lush choruses and riffs and rhythms that make you want to get up and move. Because the bands influences stretch from the likes of Iggy and The Stooges and David Bowie to Bikini Kill and Blondie, it’s no surprise to hear them embrace their “pop” side, yet they do it without losing their “edge.” When you hear a songs like “Danger,” “Gimme,” and “Hello Heaven” you can really hear both sides of the above.

As I mentioned when I saw them live, I was totally taken aback. Their live show is tight and full of energy. So much energy that The Pink Slips will have you in a frenzy when their set ends. It’s a refreshing thing in today’s music climate to have a band like The Pink Slips out there brining that ferocious rock energy back to the youth. The future is bright for this band, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come.


The Pink Slips- Trigger EP:


The Pink Slips- Trigger (Video):


The Pink Slips- I’m Ready:


The Pink Slips- Animal:



By: Brian Lacy