New Release: Glaare- Young Hell

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One of my favorite bands that I’ve written about on Audioeclectica is Glaare. This band is so damn good. Their new album, Your Hellbound Heart, is coming out April 30th via Weyrd Son Records. Ahead of that, Glaare has released their new single “Young Hell.” Glaare has a knack for the right amounts of gothy/dark synth driven music mixed with a dash of pop to make their sound standout. Don’t be fooled by me saying “pop.” When you hear this song, you know there is a layer of darkness to this that outshines the brightness of what “pop” music is. You can Pre-Order their new album HERE.

Glaare- Young Hell:

Glaare- Mirrors (This Song Is On Their Upcoming Album Too):

And if you haven’t heard their album, To Deaf And Day, you should check that out too!

New Release: Glaare- Mirrors

It’s always exciting when bands you really enjoy but, haven’t heard from in a while release new music. Especially when the new music that is released is THIS good. Glaare have released “Mirrors” the first song and video from their very anticipated forthcoming album, Your Hellbound Heart. This darkwave, dream pop and goth-rock band from Los Angeles has been leaving quite a mark since their inception and their 2017 album, To Deaf and Day, is one of the best albums in the genre in the last decade. So, it comes as no surprise here that, on this new track, Glaare picks up where they left off but have added more compelling elements to really drive home their style and sound.

Glaare- Mirrors:


Glaare- To Deaf And Day:

Band Of The Week: Glaare


I love being a fan of different genres of music. It really is such a great feeling to hear bands from different realms and soak it all in. When you hear “that” band that just hits at the right time and place, you know it’s something special. I’d like to introduce you all to GLAARE. Soaked in post-punk, dark-wave and 90’s alternative, GLAARE deliver melancholy and melody with a sense of brightness through all the darkness. The bands latest album “To Deaf and Day” is the work of Rachael Pierce, Cameron Carlin (Black Mare) and Brandon Pierce (ex-Ancestors). This is the bands first full length album and it encapsulates everything you’d want from the genre and then some. Throughout the 8 songs on the album, you get to experience the beautiful darkness that lay inside GLAARE. They are definitely one band that deserves your undivided attention.


GLAARE- To Deaf and Day: