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New Release: Deftones- Genesis

Deftones Are Teasing A New Single, Genesis — Kerrang!

We are one week away from Deftones releasing their new album Ohms. Now, they have now released the first song on the album “Genesis.” This track definitely has a White Pony vibe mixed with a bit of the self titled one and some Diamond Eyes too. This album is absolutely back on the right track and way better than what Gore was.

Deftones- Genesis:

New Release: Deftones- Ohms

Deftones Announce New Album Ohms - Stereogum

The wait is finally over. Deftones have announced their new album, Ohms, will be released on September 25. The first single from the new record is the title track and it’s quite good. Sure there might be some bias on that since it has been a while that we’ve had new tunes from the band. Based on the sound of this track, it seems to bridge the gap between White Pony and their 2003 self titled album. Check out the song.

Deftones- Ohms:


Secret Songs: Deftones- Damone


On Deftones second album (and my personal favorite) 1997’s Around The Fur, it didn’t just have one hidden track, but two. After the final song “MX” finishes, there’s about 15 minutes of silence before there’s a 20 second skit/recording called Bong Hit, which is exactly what it sounds like. Some 13 minutes after that, though, “Damone” begins and the rest is history! This song shouldn’t have been a hidden track. It’s too damn good not to be included in the original sequence of the album. No matter what though, Deftones really knocked it out of the park with this one!

Deftones- Damone:



Title Tracks: Deftones


Deftones have a long history of making quite complete albums. There are a couple that are a little disjointed but, for the most part are rather perfectly sequenced. Their artistry and evolution is something that many bands from their era should have taken a cue from. They’ve managed to stay relevant by pushing themselves as songwriters and performers as well as incorporating other elements into their sound to separate themselves from their peers. On these few title track songs, Deftones, really encapsulated the sound of these albums with these songs.

Deftones- Around The Fur:


Deftones- Diamond Eyes:


Deftones- Gore:


Album Review: Deftones- Gore


After 20 plus years as a band and now 8 albums in, where do you go? Deftones have never been a band to play it safe. They shake things up every now and then, showing the band is constantly evolving. Their new album Gore is a prime example of a band maturing and expanding upon its influences. It’s nice to hear a band like this take chances and try new things, but the end result isn’t all that pretty. Gore has a flow to it that is makes it seem more like a collection of songs rather than an album. There are a few songs that are absolute standouts on this record. Songs like “Hearts/Wires,” “Phantom Bride,” and “Rubicon” are the best the album has to offer. “Hearts/Wires”  should have been the first single released. Chino sounds vulnerable and focused on this song. There are great harmonies as well that take it up a notch or a few. As of this writing my favorite track is “Phantom Bride.” Jerry Cantrell guests on the song, providing a guitar solo that fits ever so perfectly with the vibe of the song. The song is also one of the the most heartfelt songs on the album. Chino shines on this, as well as the rest of the band. Other songs that caught my attention are “Prayers/Triangles,” “Acid Hologram,” and “(L)MIRL.” There is something very etherial to these songs. They expand upon the Deftones more “ambient” side.

Part of the problem with the album is the production and mixing. It’s very disjointed. The drums are buried in the back and don’t have the sense or urgency that fans of the band have loved for many years. There is a “raw” element to this album and I get it, but it’s just not done well at all. I understand why they didn’t want to continue on the path that they laid with Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokon, but they seemed to have strayed a little too far on this one. The end result is that this album will definitely be one that grows on you with time. This is not to say that you won’t enjoy Gore, but it will for sure be one of the albums in the bands catalog that songs get skipped on a lot.

Scale of 1-10: 4

Deftones- Gore:

Ultimate Set List: Deftones


I really thought that this feature was a lot of fun so I’m doing it again. This time I present my ultimate set list for Deftones.

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: maximum 25 songs

Rule 2: What line up of the band would it be

Rule 3: Where would you want to see the show

Lineup: Chino, Steph, Abe, Frank, Chi and Sergio

Venue: Satellite (Spaceland)- Los Angeles

Set List:

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
Around The Fur
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Kim Dracula
Swerve City
Digital Bath
RX Queen
Knife Party
Change (In The House Of Flies)
Diamond Eyes
You’ve Seen The Butcher
Rocket Skates
Minus Blindfold
Engine No. 9
Pink Maggit

Album Debate: Deftones- Around The Fur vs White Pony






I’ve been a huge Deftones fan since I first remember seeing the video for “Bored.” I thought Adrenaline was a cool album when it came out, then I heard Around The Fur and my excitement level went through the roof. Around The Fur was so powerful. There was a striking difference between this album and their debut. As The story goes, when Deftones went into the studio to make Around The Fur they really didn’t have a set idea of what they wanted to come out with. This time around the guys spent more time in the studio with producer Terry Date. If you listen closely to Abe Cunningham’s drums, you can tell there is a difference on the drum sounds especially the snare, as he began to experiment using different snares on each song. There is also something really intriguing about the quiet to loud dynamics on the album as well. When you have songs like “My Own Summer (Shove It),” “Lhabia,” Around The Fur,” “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” it really shows the bands growth and ability to write songs that can be heavy yet have a sense of melody without compromising their artistic integrity. 

After a break from touring Around The Fur, the band spent a few months locked away in the studio  writing and recording what would become White Pony. The majority of this time was spent trying to write songs, and that the writing of a particular song “Change (In The House Of Flies)” was the turning point for the group as they began working as a “band.” There was also pressure from their label to release the album sooner, but,  the band decided to take their time making the album that they wanted to make. The band essentially picked up where they left off with Around The Fur by really delving more into melancholia and melody. The album is explosive and beautiful, thus making it one of the bands most mature releases. The inclusion of songs like “Digital Bath” “RX Queen,” (which features guest vocals by Scott Weiland), and “Knife Party,” join in with the vibe that “Change” had in its spaciousness and use of experimentation. The guesting of Maynard from Tool was a great use of a guest vocalist on “Passenger.” Even with all the experimentation and evolution, Deftones still had their heavy touch on a lot of the songs like “Elite,” “Feiticeira,” and “Street Carp.”

Granted these are two very different albums but they are similar in showing a bands evolution. Personally I’ve always been more partial to Around The Fur, for it’s raw prowess, and unforgiving nature. White Pony is a close second though. To me though Around The Fur just really gets me going in such a fashion that I can’t turn it off, or even turn the volume down. Where do you fall on this issue?


Around The Fur:


White Pony:


By: Brian Lacy