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Anticipated Albums: With Our Arms To The Sun- Orenda


The time has almost arrived for one of my favorite bands to release their new album. With Our Arms To The Sun, have one hell of an album for you all. Their latest (upcoming) release, Orenda, is a journey that takes you beyond the normal realms of concept albums. Produced by Buzz Osborne of The Melvins, the 10 songs that make up Orenda, are unrelenting and full of unrivaled passion. The first single “Macrocosm-Prometheus” is a great way to show what With Our Arms To The Sun is all about. Musically, the band is tight and precise. The vocals and especially the lyrics, make them stand out among their peers.

I highly recommend this band to everyone. They are the type of band that restores hope in the future of music.

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Check out Macrocosm-Prometheus:



Live Review: With Our Arms To The Sun, MAL & Macro at Petie’s Place


Since I’ve started this site, I’ve seen and heard quite a few bands that will forever be engrained in my brain. One of those bands, With Our Arms To The Sun is fast becoming one of my all time favorites. Musically they captivate you with the first note. Their live shows are beyond an experience. I’d even go as far as saying that seeing them live is life changing. These guys play with every ounce of their being and leave it all on stage. So on Friday night when they took the stage I could sense that this was going to be quite a show. They played with such force throughout their set, leaving no time in between songs to gather themselves, instead going straight into the next song taking no prisoners along the way. They set featured songs from their great album A Far Away Wonder which is being re-released this Friday through Fade To Silence records. Their set was so heavy and epic, that they literally brought the roof down and shattered a few lights due to their intensity and love for their music. When With Our Arms To The Sun comes through any town, you should get there and see them. You won’t be disappointed.

Another band that has been featured on this site, MAL, had their record release that evening too, The songs that I heard from them made me really interested to see them live. This three piece was tight and full of the right amount of energy. Not to take anything away from them, but going on after With Our Arms To The Sun is not easy, yet MAL held their own and made for a fun show that had lots of engagement with the crowd. Their music is full of heavy grooves an sensible melodies that translate really well. MAL are on the right track with what they are doing.

Also playing this evening was Macro. While still in the early stages of playing live, these guys showed a lot of potential into what this band is to come. They have a cool vibe to them that is similar to Science era Incubus mixed with a lot of other alternative rock of the 90’s.

This evening was what music is all about.All the bands playing made for a tremendous evening that showed the power of passionate music. To quote the movie School of Rock, “One great rock show can change the world.” Be on the look out for With Our Arms To The Sun, they are on the right track to become your next favorite band and will leave you speechless.




By: Brian Lacy

Photo by: Alisa Lacy