New Release: Generation Kill- Evil Eye

Rob Dukes is one hell of a metal vocalist. His time spent in Exodus is highly regarded in my eyes. After his time in Exodus, Rob went on to form a new band, Generation Kill. Continuing the brutality he left off with, this new band is unrelenting and takes a no prisoners approach. Recently the band released their new album MK Ultra and it’s a pummeling record. Now, a new single/video has been released for the song “Evil Eye.” What a track! This song also features former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. Speaking on the song and collaboration Rob Dukes said “In ’85, I dropped the needle onto an album called ‘Killing is my Business… and Business is Good‘ and heard a guitar tone I’d never heard before. Ever since, Chris Poland has been one of my favorite guitarists of all time. To collaborate with him on this song is one of the greatest honors in my musical career. The solos he did on this song are mind-blowing. The unique style and tone is so unmistakably Chris.” When you get the chance check out the whole album. It’s awesome and also features Gary Holt (Exodus) and John Joseph (Cro-Mags, Bloodlust). If you are looking for heavy, Generation Kill is it!

Generation Kill- Evil Eye (featuring Chris Poland):

Generation Kill- MK Ultra:

Collaborations: Exodus with Robb Flynn- A Lesson In Violence

A little over a week ago legendary metal band Exodus played a show in the San Francisco Bay Area outside of the Metro Operahouse. Exodus recently released their superb new album, Persona Non Grata. If you are into thrash metal, I recommend you checking this record out! At this show though, Robb Flynn from Machine Head came out to join the band to do guest vocals for one of his all time favorite Exodus songs. I have to say this version is badass. It would be pretty awesome to hear a studio version with Robb on this track some point in the future. Also what would be awesome is if Machine Head and Exodus did a tour together in 2023. Just throwing that out there!!!

Exodus with Robb Flynn from Machine Head- A Lesson In Violence:

Top Ten Bands A-Z: E


Bands that start with the letter E aren’t easy to think of. Not to mention, due the qualify to be included in a list of the best bands. Here is my list of the top bands with the letter E. As always add to the list of who you think should be included.


Echo And The Bunnymen
Explosions In The Sky
Steve Earle