Band Of The Week (Updated): A Light Within


It’s been a minute since A Light Within has released new music. I personally have been anticipating new tunes from them and now they have released the first song, Page #9 (Shells) off their new EP Epilogue, which is the final chapter of their 3 part trilogy. A Light Within has definitely tapped into another realm of what they started as. I would say they’ve gotten more etherial and darker. The band has said “Epilogue” is the final conceptual installment in a three part series containing transcribed diary entries written from the perspective of a reflective mind. Throughout the pages be prepared to hit an emotional remembrance of life experiences, love scenarios, and a metaphorical loss of it all.” While listening to this song and the entire EP and their other ones, you can definitely feel it all. Epilogue is due to be released in February so be on the look out for that (I’ll also remind you all).


A Light Within- Page #9 (Shells):


Body Matter EP:


Preface EP: