End You

Playlist: The Audioecelectica Playlist #1


I’ve been contemplating on what to do with certain things as of late in regards to Audioeclectica. I have a giant list of things I want to do and bunch of new topics on the way. The radio show will be making a return soon. I finally found the right person to do the show with. It’s going to be awesome and the playlist for the show is superb. In the meantime before all that happens, I thought it would be quite fun to start putting out playlists for you all to enjoy! So, what you have below is a link to the first Audioeclectica Playlist. On it you’ll find new music by artists/bands you know of and some you might not. If you’ve been keeping up with the articles on Audioeclectica, you will probably recognize a good amount of the bands. So, without anymore delay, here it is!!!

Band Of The Week: End You

I’ve long been intrigued by solo albums. The solo album can be a little tricky but, if you have the right drive and vision for it, than the end result pays off in the end. Recently, I came across a band or what I thought was a band that peaked my interests. End You is the solo project of Philadelphia native Eric Smith formerly of The Catalyst. His first solo album entitled Aimless Dread is an sonic assault of heaviness. “Aimless Dread” tells a story common to a generation that watched thousands of people die on live television while still teenagers — the creeping realization that perhaps nothing good will ever happen again. Lyrically, the album darts artfully from the personal to the political and back again. From Smith’s struggles with social anxiety and substance abuse to ruminations on contemporary issues like rampant police brutality and the resurgence of international fascism, “Aimless Dread” takes stabs at various demons both real and imagined. Armed with a passion and fury, Eric Smith has delivered an album that is drenched with urgency as well as being pummeling and crushing. Aimless Dread crosses a few different genres including punk, hardcore and noise rock along with the right amount of melodic sensibilities to bring you an album that is very fitting for where we are at as a society in 2021.

End You- Aimless Dread: