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Those 90’s Songs: Butthole Surfers- Pepper

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The Butthole Surfers song “Pepper” is quintessential 90’s. Not only is it a 90’s staple but, it reached number 1 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Charts. I still remember hearing this song when it came out. I was wrapping up sixth grade and this song took over for me that summer. Electric Larryland was played a ton that year. My childhood best friend and I knew all the words to “Pepper,” so much so we would drive his mom nuts singing it in the car when we would go places. The Butthole Surfers are legends in the alternative music world and rightfully so. They are unique and very influential. I’d love to hear a new album from them. I’m sure it would be quite interesting!

Butthole Surfers- Pepper:

Butthole Surfers- Pepper (Live On David Letterman-1996):