El Rey Theater

Failure Live At The El Rey


It only took 16 years for this to happen, and was it worth it? You bet your ass it was. Failure is back and from the way last night went, they just picked up where they left off. Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kelli Scott were on a mission to tear down the house last night. The show itself was sold out and amongst the sea of fans it could be seen that this show was something special. Failure has left a mark on the alternative music scene that has influenced countless bands. I’m going out on a limb here and daring to say that their album Fantastic Planet is in some ways the new Velvet Underground and Nico. Pretty much anyone that has bought these albums has become inspired by them and have started a band. This is just my opinion, don’t shoot me!

The show last night started out with a short film of clips from different movies. It was a nice break from the usual mediocre opening band. The highlight of the clips was a very cool collage featuring the band mixed in with the opening sequence of The Spy Who Loved Me. Also they showed part of the film Fantastic Planet for which their album was named after. While that was playing the music started and opening the set was Another Space Song. not long after they broke into Saturday Savior and Sergeant Politeness. One of the highlights of their set for me was when they played Dirty Blue Balloons. It was such a sentimental enjoyable moment. Other stand outs from the night were Pillowhead, Wet Gravity, Heliotropic, Stuck On You and The Nurse Who Loved Me. The stage was set up as though it were an arena show with a light show and all the amps, microphone stands and drums lined with light. Ken Andrews changed the color from white to red mid set. Following their main set the encore was astounding. Let It Drip, Smoking Umbrellas and Screen Man were played. The set itself spanned their albums Magnified and Fantastic Planet.

Failure is back and hopefully they stay together. Last nights show showed that they still have the desire to play and create masterful songs. Their energy onstage exploded mid set once they found their groove. I personally left the show wanting to go play music. Thank you Failure for coming back and reclaiming what should have been yours long ago.


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By: Brian Lacy