Cover Song: Will Haven (Pink Floyd)- Brain Damage/Eclipse


So I just found out about this rad cover Will Haven did of Pink Floyd’s classic “Brain Damage/Eclipse.” This is a b-side from their new album, Muerte, which came out earlier this year. What a cool cover!


Will Haven- Brain Damage/Eclipse:


Great B Sides- Thrice


Thrice are one of the most influential bands in the post hardcore genre. For almost 20 years, the guys in Thrice have done it their way and left their mark. The 9 albums they have released are all unique in their own way and full of many memorable songs. Looking back at their catalog, they don’t seem to have too many songs left over as b sides, but the ones they do have are quite awesome all on their own. Check these out!





That Hideous Strength (Live):


Flags Of Dawn:


Weight Of Glory:




Red Telephone:


Sea Change: