Drab Majesty

2019 End Of The Year List: Best Vocalists


Next up on Audioeclectica.com’s 2019 End Of The Year Lists, the Top 10 Vocalists. The stipulation is that, an album/EP had to have been released this year.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.

This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!


01) John Carbone- Moon Tooth
02) Cameron Miller- Seizures
03) Jonathan Davis- Korn
04) Courtney Swain- Bent Knee
05) Schuylar Croom- He Is Legend
06) Dennis R. Sanders- Spirit In The Room
07) Daron Beck- Pinkish Black
08) Deb Demure- Drab Majesty
09) Jacob Bannon- Wear Your Wounds
10) Itarya Rosenberg- Low Dose


Anticipated Albums: Drab Majesty- Modern Mirror


Drab Majesty are one of the newer bands in the last few years that have really intrigued me. Over the last couple months I’ve delved into their catalog and found a real appreciation for the artistic nuances of this band. On July 12, Drab Majesty will be releasing their new (and third album) Modern Mirror on July 12 via Dais Records. The record was produced by Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and mastered by Dave Cooley, with appearances by Jasamine White-Gluz (No Joy) and Justin Meldal-Johnson (NIN, Beck, M83, Air). Based on the three singles released so far, Modern Mirror is going to be one hell of an album for 2019.

Drab Majesty- Oxytocin:


Drab Majesty- Long Division:


Drab Majesty- Ellipsis: