Disturbed The Sounds of Silence

My Top 10 Favorite Covers


I was talking to my friend Ben about cover songs, and he asked me what my top 5 favorite were. In the midst of our conversation, he inspired me to come up with my top 10 favorite covers. So here you go.

1. Nirvana (David Bowie)- The Man Who Sold The World:

2. Nine Inch Nails (Joy Division)- Dead Souls:

3. Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan)- All Along The Watchtower:

4. Bon Jovi (Leonard Cohen)- Hallelujah:

5. Metallica (Bob Seger)- Turn The Page:

6. Johnny Cash (Nine Inch Nails)- Hurt:

7. Placebo (Kate Bush)- Running Up That Hill:

8. Shinedown (Lynyrd Skynyd)- Simple Man:

9. Deftones (Sade)- No Ordinary Love:

10. Alice In Chains (Led Zeppelin)- Kashmir:

Honorable Mention:

Neurosis (Joy Division)- Day Of The Lords:

Disturbed (Simon & Garfunkel)- The Sounds of Silence:

or This Version: