Disarm The Descent

Album Rank: Killswitch Engage

Killswitch_Engage_by_V1N3_wallpaperSince their album Alive Or Just Breathing, I’ve been a fan of Killswitch Engage. Their original singer Jesse Leach has one of the best voices in heavy music. His lyrics stretch beyond the generic norm of what everyone writes. After he left and was replaced by Howard Jones, Killswitch went on to further success and released a great album in The End Of Heartache. Although the albums that followed weren’t as good as their first two, they were still scattered with some really great songs. A couple years back Jesse came back to the band and their album Disarm The Descent was a great comeback. So here is a ranking of their albums from not the best to their best.

Killswitch Engage (2009):

Killswtich Engage (2000):

As Daylight Dies:

Disarm The Descent:



The End Of Heartache:

Alive Or Just Breathing: