Destroy Judas

Bands Of The Week: Review

Instead of posting about a new band today, I thought it was a great idea to compile all the bands that have been featured here into one post for you all to check out in case you missed one.


And We Are Them

Ghost Idols


Open Hand




Damn This Desert Air


HiddenAmongst Us

City Of Ships

Destroy Judas

New Cathedral

Big Jesus


Spirit In The Room

Machines Learning




Wild Throne


With Our Arms To The Sun


He Whose Ox Is Gored

Silver Snakes


Young Hunter

Black Map

Band Of The Week: Destroy Judas


Creating something epic is no easy task. The dedication it takes to create music with so many moving parts and to be able to connect the lyrics to match is over whelming at times. Luckily there are a few bands that have been able to do that and make it look easy, Neurosis and Isis for example. Destroy Judas is one of those bands. Combining their influences of doom metal, ambient noise, and crust punk, they have created a very deep and thought evoking band. Their debut Wake is full of just what I described. At times it might be construed as depressing but in the most positive of ways. There is a connection between the music and lyrics that really sits well beneath your skin. The drums and bass create a rhythmic foundation that sways and can be earth shattering. The guitars can go from the most subtle sounds to pummeling. The ambient touches really add a dark element that is mixed in perfectly. Vocally the prowess of the growls and soft cleans help guide along the epic nature. The four tracks on the album are all in that vein and unrelenting. The journey that Destroy Judas takes you on is powerful and epic.