Deaf Club Productive Disruption

Best Of 2022… So Far

We are at the half way point of 2022 and I thought I’d share the best albums and EP’s of 2022… SO FAR. There have been a lot of really great albums released already, some that will compete for album of the year for sure. It’s all here in this list (in no particular order by the way)!


01) Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell
02) If It Kills You- Invisible Self
03) Cave In- Heavy Pendulum
04) Billy Howerdel- What Normal Was
05) Korn- Requiem
06) Author & Punisher- Kruller
07) Black Map- Melodoria
08) Absent In Body- Plague God
09) Meshuggah- Immutable
10) Coheed and Cambria- Vaxis II: A Window Of The Waking Mind
11) Vein- The World Is Going To Ruin You
12) Drug Church- Hygiene
13) Ghost- Impera
14) H09909- Skin
15) QAALM- Resilience & Despair
16) Trace Amount- Anti Body Language
17) Decapitated- Cancer Culture
18) Helms Alee- Keep This Be The Way
19) Be Well- Hello Sun
20) The Smile- A Light For Attracting Attention
21) Liam Gallagher- C’mon You Know
22) Dalek- Precipice
23) Deaf Club- Productive Disruption


01) Centershift- A Different Shade
02) God Mother- Obeveklig
03) Ibaraki- Rashomon
04) Bleeding Through- Rage
05) Vio-lence- Let The World Burn
06) Deaf Club- Bad Songs Forever


Soilwork- Övergivenheten
Machine Head- Of Kingdom and Crown
Muse- Will Of The People
Megadeth- The Sick, The Dying… The Dead!
Ken Mode- Null
Lamb Of God- Omens
Cycotic Youth- Cyco Up
Centershift- Of


Centershift- Full Length
Don’t Panic- TBD
The Cure

Still In Rotation: January 2022


This is a fun topic to get into. I listen to a ton of music on a constant basis but, there are always certain albums or songs that just stay with me and I’m compelled to continuously keep them in rotation. Being that we are only a few weeks into 2022, I still have a few albums and songs that have remained in constant play. So here’s a few albums and songs that I can’t stop listening to!


01) Centershift- My Own World (Single):

This song is tremendous. It’s the right amount of melodic rock that I dig. The accompanying video for this song is stunning and really captures the essence of the song. Definitely give this song a few spins and check out Centershift at their upcoming shows.

02) Quicksand- Colossus (Live Version):

The moment I heard this song from Quicksand’s new album, I was hooked. This song is so damn good. The riffs and rhythms along with the vocals/lyrics are superb. I had the pleasure of seeing Quicksand live a couple months back and they absolitely rocked the Troubadour. Plus having Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Old Man Gloom, Mutoid Man, etc) on tour with them as their second guitarist and hearing him play on these new/old songs was out of this world amazing! If you haven’t heard the new Quicksand album, you should get on that!

03) Sparta- Air (Live Version):

I still remember when the debut Sparta album Wiretap Scars came out. I remember putting the album on and letting it play. A couple songs into it and then I dead stopped and started the song that just ended again. I was in total awe. That song was “Air” and it hit me at the right time. This is a perfect example of a great song with great dynamics. I remember too seeing them live back when this album came out in 2002/2003 and when they played this song live, oh my! Listen and you’ll see why almost 20 years later this song is still a gem!

04) Jane’s Addiction- Three Days (Live Version 1998 w/ Flea on Bass):

A friend of mine has been looking to expand his musical palate and I’ve been recommending bands for him to delve deep into. One of the ones I suggested was Jane’s Addiction. Naturally, I went back into the Jane’s catalog a bit too but more on the side of demos and live versions. One of my favorite eras of the band was around their Relapse reunion and Kettle Whistle album release. During this time Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined Jane’s for a tour and he was awesome with them. The first time I saw Jane’s was around this time and it’s forever been stuck in my head. Enjoy this one!!

05) Blink 182 with Robert Smith of The Cure- All Of This:

The other day I had a song stuck in my head but just the music and I couldn’t figure out who it was. fast forward a few hours later and I figured it out. The end result was a killer collaboration between Robert Smith of The Cure and Blink 182. On the latter’s untitled 2003 album there is a track on it called “All Of This” and it’s so damn good. Hearing this song back in 2003 was what made me buy their album. Actually, the untitled album is a great album and the best thing Blink ever did! This song is one of those that you will want to put on repeat for sure.


01) Failure- Wild Type Droid:

02) Jimmy Eat World- Static Prevails:

03) Converge- Bloodmoon I:

04) Deaf Club- Productive Disruption:

05) Trivium- In The Court Of The Dragon: