Anticipated Albums of 2022


I have hope that 2022 will be a good year. Not that 2021 was all that bad, at least it wasn’t 2020 all over again. We did after all get some amazing new albums in 2021. Now that we are in 2022, there are a ton of new albums that I’m sure will make the end of the year lists vert difficult to put in order. Here’s a list of the bands with the most anticipated albums of 2022 (I’m sure I missed some. So If I did, let me know)!!!

Centershift- A Different Shade Of…
Black Map- Melodoria
Cave In
The Cure
Coheed and Cambria
Dead Cross
Greg Puciatio- Mirrorcell
H09909 (Horror)
Korn- Requiem
Megadeth- The Sick. The Dying. The Dead
Author & Punisher
Once Human
Machine Head
Jimmy Eat World
The Smashing Pumpkins
Chelsea Wolfe
In Parallel
Nine Inch Nails
If It Kills You
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals
Be Well
Cult Leader
The Cult
Darkest Hour
Jane’s Addiction?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rollin Coffin
Deaf Club
Kiss The Scientist

Cover Song: Deadsy (Rolling Stones)- Paint It Black

Paint It Black (Remastered) by Deadsy

Ever since Deadsy announced their return, I’ve gone back to their albums and I’ve found so many awesome songs I forgot about as well as ones I’m now really getting into. As much as I dig their album Commencement, I keep finding myself drawn more and more into their album, Phantasmagore. Recently, the band released a new remastered version of the album. This version features longer versions of the songs as well as a bonus track. While on my re-discovery of Deadsy, I actually forgot about that their version of The Rolling Stones classic “Paint It Black.” This cover is tremendous. It’s got a very Deadsy sound to it thus making it its own. Stoked for the new Deadsy album, Subterfuge

Deadsy- Paint It Black:

Bands That Should Return: Deadsy

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Spoiler Alert!!! DEADSY IS BACK!!! A few weeks ago, Deadsy announced their return and those of us who are fans, couldn’t be happier. Via their instagram back in mid July, the band announced not only their return but, also that they will be releasing a new album entitled Subterfugue, their first in 14 years. A new single/video is due out in late fall of this year.

Deadsy is a very interesting band. They got lumped into the whole “nu-metal” scene but they were far from that. If anything they are just electro-rock. The origins of the band date back to 1995. Elijah Blue Allman and Alec Puro started off writing songs and recordings demos and sought a record deal not long after. Then in 1996, Sire Records would make that a reality, signing the band. The band recorded their self titled debut album but, it wasn’t necessarily released. It’s a very rare release these days if you can find it. Not long after, the band began writing for their next album, Commencement. Only a few songs were written for the album at that time, as the band had planned to re-release most tracks from the self-titled album. Not long after, due to record label business, Deadsy would dropped from their label becoming free agents. While the band would be searching for a new label. the group also welcomed new members into the fold. Not long after, Jonathan Davis of Korn (a longtime friend of the band) signed Deadsy to his Elementree Records label. The band would go on to perform on the 2001 Family Values tour with Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Staind and Static-X. Their album Commencement would be released in 2002 with the first single being “The Key To Gramercy Park.” Sadly though, the album and single didn’t reach the heights that it should have and soon after, the Elementree label folded and left Deadsy looking for a new label home yet again. The band did continue to tour and work on new music. Then in 2006, their new album Phantasmagore was released via Immortal Records. Deadsy was invited to join the 2006 Family Values tour with Korn and Deftones. They would go on to be the support act for another Deftones run later that year as well. Phantasmagore saw the band delving more into an alternative/industrial vibe while still keeping their pseudo goth/electronic aesthetic going. Over the years, I personally, have really come to enjoy this album. Then in 2007, it was announced that Deadsy was going to take a break. That break would go on to last until 2018. In the years between, Elijah Blue Allman would work on a solo record, which to this date has yet to be released but, a few demo tracks are floating around online, and they are really good songs. The other members of the band would go on to form other bands or join others like Orgy and The Dreaming. Then in 2018, Deadsy would reunite to perform a semi-acoustic set alongside Queens Of The Stone Age at San Quentin Prison in California. And now, here in 2020, Deadsy are back!!!

As I mentioned, Deadsy were unfairly lumped into the wrong scene and the label issues really put a damper on what this band could have done. Their albums are pretty stellar and full of really great songs. The bands live show too was one to watch. It was quite a visceral performance to watch. Deadsy had a very interesting musical style too courtesy of Allman’s vocal style and lyrical approach, as well as the guitar playing, the energy of the drums and synth layers provided by Carlton Bost, Alec Puro, and Renn Hawkey. Having Deadsy back in this day and age is a great thing. Through the years, I’ve noticed a lot of people starting to discover the band or them coming up in conversation. So it’s nice to know that people have really taken the time to realize how good they were and are. I really look forward to what Deadsy has in store for us all.

Deadsy- Self Titled:


Deadsy- Commencement:


Deadsy- Phantasmagore:


Unreleased Deadsy:




Elijah Blue Solo Demos:



Long Way Down:


White Knuckle Angel Face:


Guest Vocalist: Jonathan Davis of Korn

Korn_Jonathan_Davis_Singing_Rallysong_JDRFI’ve really been enjoying doing this feature. It makes me go back and listen to bands/albums I haven’t listened to in a long time. Not to mention that it’s quite fun to research what other collaborations certain singers have done. Since I did an album rank of Korn yesterday I thought why not do a guest vocalist feature on Jonathan Davis and share the songs that he guested on.

Sepultura- Lookaway (Roots):

Orgy- Revival (Candyass):

Deadsy- Sleepy Hollow (Deadsy):

Limp Bizkit- Nobody Like You (Significant Other):

Videodrone- Ty Jonathan Down (Videodrone):

Strait Up- Take It Back (Strait Up):