Cowboy Destroy

New Release: Cowboy Destroy-Married Mercy

One of the most exciting new bands that I came across this past year is definitely Cowboy Destroy. They have this really cool garage rock meets indie rock sound with a tinge of punk rock a la the Riot Girl era. I’ve had the pleasure to see them live a couple times and even put them on one of our Cobalt Presents shows (which if you haven’t been to one, you should get your ass out to a show. It’s a total blast). Cowboy Destroy is one of those bands that combines all their influences and inspirations to create something that is passionate and believable. There is not one contrived element in this band. Their new single “Married Mercy” shows the diversity of the band. It’s a step into the evolution of a band growing and truly finding their own niche in the scene. When you see Cowboy Destroy is playing live near you, go see them!!!

Cowboy Destroy- Married Mercy:

Bandcamp Friday: February 4, 2022


Thought I’d try something new and fun! Since today is Bandcamp Friday (when they wave their fee for 24 hours) why not showcase some great bands and their albums/singles that are out now! Check out these bands and show them some support!


Arc Angles:

Some Gifts:

If It Kills You:

Spirit In The Room:


Niner Niner:



Tombstones In Their Eyes:

Filth Is Eternal:

Deaf Club:

The Moon Rocks:

Cowboy Destroy:

Speed Of Light:


In Parallel:

Sound and Shape: