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2022 End Of The Year Lists: Best Album Cover

Well, the end of the the year is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time for the annual End Of The Year Lists!.

First up on’s 2022 End Of The Year Lists, the Top 10 Album Covers. The stipulation is that, they had to have released an album/EP this year.

Vote for your favorite Band/Album Cover in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.

This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!

Still In Rotation: July 2022

There are certain albums that I’ve been stuck on since they came out this year. They have yet to leave my stereo at home, the car or even my mind. So I thought, I’d share a few of these with you and give a little explanation as to why they are stuck in my head. I hope you take some time to check out these albums and bands/artists. Enjoy these!

01) Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell: This is my Album Of The Year. From the moment this album starts till it ends, it completely takes you over. You feel every emotion and feeling conveyed. The music on this album is pure and honest just as the lyrics are. I can’t put into words at the moment to tell you how important this album is and how amazing it really is. I have most of songs off this album playing in my head at all times. This is the type of album that will be with you forever. That’s how great it is!

02) Centershift- A Different Shade: I love this band. I’m a little biased as I work with them but, putting that aside, it’s a really great introduction to Centershift. The melodic heaviness along with the vulnerability in the songs makes this EP stand out. Plus it’s great to have these guys back playing music and doing what they love. And go see them live, it’s one hell of a show!

03) Billy Howerdel- What Normal Was: This record is quite a good album. The thing I love most about this album is what Billy said about the making of it. (I’m paraphrasing) This is the album he truly wanted to make since he was a kid but done in a more modern way and the end result is the best thing he’s done since Ashes Divide. This album pays homage to his love of 80’s new wave (especially Depeche Mode) and it’s done in a respectful way that doesn’t seem like it’s a derivative copy. Plus the live versions of these songs are on a different level.

04) Baroness- Gold & Grey: This album came out in 2019 but I’m still digging it. I love the fact that this is an actual album and the more that you listen it the more you hear just how damn good Baroness is and how far they’ve come. The addition of guitarist Gina Gleason really took this band to a different level and you can hear that on this album. Her ability to play off of each other member and add her own flair to the songs is astounding. This album is one of the bands best and it shows every time I listen to it.

05) If It Kills You- Invisible Self: This band is one of my all time favorite bands I’ve written about on Audioeclectica. The first time I heard If It Kills You, I immediately started the album over. This year they released one of the best albums of the year. It’s one of those records that feels very inspired and focused. There is a lot to take in with each listen which makes it a contagious record to listen to.

06) Cave In- Heavy Pendulum: Another great album that came out in 2022 was this one by Cave In. It’s got all the elements that you’ve come to love about the band and then some. The loss of Caleb Scofield left a huge hole but, the addition of longtime friend Nate Newton (of Converge/Doomriders) has more than filled that spot with his contributions but also his spirit in carrying on what Caleb brought to the band. Heavy Pendulum is an album that deserves to be played loud and proudly.

07) In Parallel- Fashioner: I’m still stuck on this album. I love it. It’s the perfect album to put on and let it just take you away. The soundscapes mixed with the instrumentation and the lyrics and melodies really put you in a sort of trance. It’s one of those albums that you wish didn’t end. I can’t wait for what they are cooking up for their next release

08) The Pretty Reckless- Death By Rock N Roll: This is one of my daughter’s favorite bands and albums. She is always requesting I put it on and the next thing I know she’s singing along to pretty much all the songs. While listening to the album you can definitely hear the true growth in Taylor Momson as a singer and songwriter. This is quite possibly the best album this band has put out yet. The song “Only Love Can Save Me Now” is one of the best rock songs I’ve heard in a long time plus it doesn’t hurt to have Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden on the track. Check out this album if you are in the market for a really good rock album.

09) Every Time I Die- Radical: I’ve been stuck on this one since I came out. I’m still sad that the band is no more but, as a final parting gift, they sure did give us one last album that is absolutely phenomenal. Every time I put this record on, I can’t skip a song. It’s a really great album that never got the proper treatment with tours and all the great things Every Time I Die brought to the table. Still, as a swan song album, what a way to go out!

10) Quicksand- Distant Populations: This is another album that I can’t get to leave my rotation. I love this album. It’s everything Iove about Quicksand and then some. Seeing them live on this cycle was out of this world, especially with the addition of Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky on second guitar. This album is more than just a great album, it sounds absolutely killer. If you are looking for a heavy rock record, this is one where you should start!

Best Of 2022… So Far

We are at the half way point of 2022 and I thought I’d share the best albums and EP’s of 2022… SO FAR. There have been a lot of really great albums released already, some that will compete for album of the year for sure. It’s all here in this list (in no particular order by the way)!


01) Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell
02) If It Kills You- Invisible Self
03) Cave In- Heavy Pendulum
04) Billy Howerdel- What Normal Was
05) Korn- Requiem
06) Author & Punisher- Kruller
07) Black Map- Melodoria
08) Absent In Body- Plague God
09) Meshuggah- Immutable
10) Coheed and Cambria- Vaxis II: A Window Of The Waking Mind
11) Vein- The World Is Going To Ruin You
12) Drug Church- Hygiene
13) Ghost- Impera
14) H09909- Skin
15) QAALM- Resilience & Despair
16) Trace Amount- Anti Body Language
17) Decapitated- Cancer Culture
18) Helms Alee- Keep This Be The Way
19) Be Well- Hello Sun
20) The Smile- A Light For Attracting Attention
21) Liam Gallagher- C’mon You Know
22) Dalek- Precipice
23) Deaf Club- Productive Disruption


01) Centershift- A Different Shade
02) God Mother- Obeveklig
03) Ibaraki- Rashomon
04) Bleeding Through- Rage
05) Vio-lence- Let The World Burn
06) Deaf Club- Bad Songs Forever


Soilwork- Övergivenheten
Machine Head- Of Kingdom and Crown
Muse- Will Of The People
Megadeth- The Sick, The Dying… The Dead!
Ken Mode- Null
Lamb Of God- Omens
Cycotic Youth- Cyco Up
Centershift- Of


Centershift- Full Length
Don’t Panic- TBD
The Cure