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2019 End Of The Year Lists: Best Albums


Next up on’s 2019 End Of The Year Lists, the Best Albums of the year. The stipulation is that said album/EP had to have been released this year.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.

This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER (Except 1-11, there’s too many good ones to put a number on them)!!!

01) Moon Tooth- Crux
02) Seizures- Reveries Of The Revolving Diamond
03) Korn- The Nothing
04) Cave In- Final Transmission
05) Baroness- Gold & Grey
06) Bent Knee- You Know What They Mean
07) Drab Majesty- Modern Mirror
08) Wear Your Wounds- Rust On The Gates Of Heaven
09) Greet Death- New Hell
10) Low Dose- Low Dose
11) Pinkish Black- Concept Unification
12) Helms Alee- Noctiluca
13) Spotlights- Love & Decay
14) Harborlights- Isolation Ritual
15) Slipknot- We Are Not Your Kind
16) Glassing- Spotted Horse
17) Spirit In The Room- Volume I
18) Brutus- Nest
19) Liam Gallagher- Why Me Why Not
20) Nomad Stones- Unriddled
21) Deathchant- Deathchant
22) He Is Legend- White Bat
23) The Wraith- Gloom Ballet
24) Chelsea Wolfe- Birth Of Violence
25) Rammstein- Rammstein
26) KANGA- Eternal Daughter
27) William Patrick Corgan- Cotillions
28) The Damned Things- High Crimes
29) Stephen Brodsky and Marissa Nadler- Droneflower
30) Killswitch Engage- Atonement
31) Northlane- Alien
32) Cold- The Things We Can’t Stop

Best Albums Of 2019… So Far


So the year is half over and there’s been quite a few really good albums to come out this year. So here’s my picks for the best albums of 2019… So Far. This list is also in no particular order. And if I missed any, let me know, I’m sure there are a few out there that I haven’t heard yet.


The Best Of 2019… So Far:

Moon Tooth- Crux
Cave In- Final Transmission
Glassing- Spotted Horse
Spotlights- Love & Decay
Baroness- Gold & Grey
Helms Alee- Noctiluca
Dalek- Respect To The Authors
The Damned Things- High Crimes
Low Dose- Low Dose
Rammstein- Rammstein
Brutus- Nest
Spirit In The Room- Volume 1
Stephen Brodsky & Marissa Nadler- Droneflower
Deathchant- Deathchant
Pinkish Black- Unification Concept
Pelican- Nighttime Stories
Mark Morton- Anesthetic
Soen- Lotus
Fact Pattern- Fallen Language