Playlist: The Audioecelectica Playlist #1


I’ve been contemplating on what to do with certain things as of late in regards to Audioeclectica. I have a giant list of things I want to do and bunch of new topics on the way. The radio show will be making a return soon. I finally found the right person to do the show with. It’s going to be awesome and the playlist for the show is superb. In the meantime before all that happens, I thought it would be quite fun to start putting out playlists for you all to enjoy! So, what you have below is a link to the first Audioeclectica Playlist. On it you’ll find new music by artists/bands you know of and some you might not. If you’ve been keeping up with the articles on Audioeclectica, you will probably recognize a good amount of the bands. So, without anymore delay, here it is!!!

Anticipated Albums: Bossk- Migration

Over the past few years, I started delving deeper into certain record labels and their catalogs. One label that I’ve come to really admire is Deathwish Inc. This label is run by the legendary Jacob Bannon of Converge/Wear Your Wounds and Tre McCarthy. This label has and continued to be a force with great bands and releases such as, Cult Leader, Cold Cave, Code Orange, Boysetsfire, Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Terror, Birds In Row and Bossk. Now, speaking of Bossk, they are gearing up to release their long awaited second album, Migration (out June 18). Migration features 7 new tracks of pummeling post-metal; recorded in 2019 and finalized in 2020, this new album sees Bossk joined by guest vocalists Johannes Persson (Cult of Luna) and Josh McKeown (Palm Reader). The first single “Menhir” features Johannes of Cult of Luna and it’s a sludgy beast of a track. This new album, and first in 5 years is chock full of synth noise and atmospheric guitars to towering, pummeling riffs and vocals, creating a sonic landscape like no other. If you are in the mood for something a bit on the outside or the norm, definitely turn the volume up on Bossk!

Bossk- Menhir (featuring Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna):