Best Albums of 2017

End Of The Year List 2017: Best Albums


I present to you all… The Top 25 Best Albums of 2017

I encourage you to vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.


Honorable Mention:

Brand New- Science Fiction
The Melvins- A Walk With Love and Death
Depeche Mode- Spirit
Archspire- Relentless Mutation
Ryan Adams- Prisoner
Cons- The Burden Of Knowing Why
Polkadot Cadaver- Get Possessed
Glassjaw- Material Control

25) Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold

24) Black Wail- Chromium Homes

23) Black Map- In Droves

22) L.A. Guns- The Missing Peace

21) Black Mare- Death Magick Mother

20) Wear Your Wounds- Wear Your Wounds/Dunedevil

19) Scour- Red EP

18) Mastodon- A Cold Dark Place

17) Chelsea Wolfe- Hiss Spun

16) 10 Years- (how to live) As Ghosts

15) King Woman- Created In The Image Of Suffering

14) Trivium- The Sin and The Sentence

13) God Mother- Vilseldd

12) Darkest Hour- Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora

11) Eighteen Visions- XVIII

10) Dead Cross- Dead Cross

09) Nine Inch Nails- Add Violence

08) Converge- The Dusk In Us

07) Royal Thunder- Wick

06) Pallbearer- Heartless

05) Less Art- Strangled Light

04) With Our Arms To The Sun- Orenda

03) Spotlights- Seismic

02) Mutoid Man- War Moans

01) Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand

Best Albums of 2017… So Far (Updated)


Since I last made this list, there have been a few more albums that came out that deserve to be on this list. 2017 has really shaped up to be another great year for new albums. Check out the Best Albums of 2017 so far below.

Also note, that there are still a few more months left in this year so, this list will be growing very shortly!

This list is in No Particular Order!!!

Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand:

Darkest Hour- Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora:

With Our Arms To The Sun- Orenda:

Black Map- In Droves:

Eighteen Visions- XVIII:

Mutoid Man- War Moans:

Depeche Mode- Spirit:

Pallbearer- Heartless:

Royal Thunder- Wick:

Wear Your Wounds- Wear Your Wounds:


Brand New- Science Fiction:

Dead Cross- Dead Cross:

Less Art- Strangled Light:

Nine Inch Nails- Add Violence:

Cons- The Burden Of Knowing Why: