Still In Rotation: May 2023 Edition

The month of May is almost over which means that half the year is almost over. In the past few months there have been a few records that I’ve had in constant rotation. Some of these are older albums and some are brand spanking new. Either way, they have yet to leave my constant music rotation and I thought I’d share these with you all. Each of these picks are ones you should definitely check out!

01) Iress- Solace: Ever since I heard this EP, I haven’t gone a day without listening to it. It’s so damn good. This album hits you in all the feels and yet it’s so seductive and beautiful. Iress are beyond the real deal and I can’t wait for what’s to come for this band!

02) Metallica- 72 Seasons: As a lifelong Metallica fan, I’m stoked on this new one from the metal legends. From start to finish this one really gets the blood pumping. There’s a song for every type of Metallica fan on here as well. My favorite track as of now is still the final song “Inamorata.” When you hear this epic, you’ll know why!

03) Unearth- The Wretched / The Ruinous: This new Unearth album is a blistering and heavy record. It’s got everything you know and love about Unearth and then some. One of the things I love most about this record is that it’s uncompromising and delivers banger after banger. This is what “MetalCore” should sound like, not this new laptop backing track bullshit!

04) Billy Howerdel- What Normal Was: There’s something really fun about Billy Howerdel’s first “solo” album. There’s a lot to delve into on this and with each listen you start to notice these little nuances the more it all comes to life. One of the things that I love about this album is that it sounds classic in it’s approach but doesn’t rely on “nostalgia.” Just listen!

05) Placebo- Never Let Me Go: Placebo’s long awaited new album came out last year and it’s chock full of gems. Now on their 8th studio album, this album still has the “classic” sound but with a a few new experiments. These new sounds and approaches show that even this far into their career, complacency is not in their vocabulary

06) She Wants Revenge- She Wants Revenge: It’s been a minute since I listened to this album. The other day, randomly I had part of “Tear You Apart” stuck in my head and from there I felt compelled to put this one on. I forgot how wellput together this album is. It’s got all the post-punk goodness in it along with some other elements that make for a really solid debut album. Glad to see that they are back out playing again. I remember seeing them many years ago and it being a really good show.

07) Rancid- …And Out Come The Wolves: Ever since it was announced that Rancid are returning with a new album, I’ve been on a bit of a Rancid kick. Their first 5 albums are unfuckwithable! They are punk rock classics in my book. Their 1995 album …And Out Come The Wolves is a true classic for sure. From the moment track one starts with “Maxwell Murder” all the way to track 19 “The Way I Feel,” it’s a non-stop ride of punk, ska punk, and then some. All these years later and this album still burns bright!

08) Emma Ruth Rundle- On Dark Horses: I love this album. It’s so damn good. There aren’t enough adjectives to properly describe it. There’s a beauty in the darkness that resides throughout this album. Even on her most recent album, Engine Of Hell (which you should listen to as well) there is no stopping Emma. She’s one of the most honest artists out there. Everything about her music, lyrics and self is real. Each time I listen to her albums, I always finds something else to enjoy about them.

09) Holy Fawn- Dimensional Bleed: This is one of my favorite albums of 2022 and I still get a kick out of listening to this one. After seeing them live, this album took on a whole new form for me. Knowing that these songs are that much more bombastic live makes listening to the album all the more enjoyable. Dimensional Bleed is an album that should be recognized not just as a great album but one that will inspire others.

10) Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell: My favorite album of 2022 and I still haven’t stopped listening to this one. Everything about this album is phenomenal. The performances, songs, riffs, rhythms, lyrics, melodies and more all make up a truly great album. In the span of a couple years, Greg has put out 2 of the best albums of the last few years and he just keeps going. If you haven’t listened to Mirrorcell, I highly recommend that you change that. I love this album and everything about it!

Live Review: Cobalt Night at Corbin Bowl 1/20/23

Growing up in Southern California, especially in the surrounding Los Angeles area, there has always been venues with storied histories. For example the famous Sunset Strip and The Whisky A Go-Go, Roxy, Viper Room and Rainbow. There was also a venue in the San Fernando Valley that had a very storied history as well. So many bands that you love today got their start, honed their craft and rocked the stage at the famous Cobalt Cafe. For years The Cobalt Cafe would become a sort of right of passage when being in a band no matter how big or small. It was an all ages venue that put on shows every night and provided a place for everyone to enjoy live music no matter the genre. However in, 2014 the Cobalt closed due but, in July of 2021 the Cobalt returned in a new fashion and a reignited fire to give up and coming bands a place to play. The Cobalt Presents now does shows on a constant basis around the LA area (Corbin Bowl, Hotel Ziggy, The Last Call, The Whisky A Go Go, Transplants Brewing and more) bringing in great bands and putting on superb shows.

The other night was no exception as The Cobalt kicked off 2023 with one hell of a bang at Corbin Bowl. The night was eclectic and featured varied bands from ska/punk, punk, skate punk, doom metal, thrash metal, and pop punk. The whole night and band after band was exceptional. The flow of the styles of the bands made it even more fun as the energy level kept rising with each band that took the stage. The place was packed and the familiar faces from back in the days of the old Cobalt were there as well, making it all come full circle.

Still In Rotation: July 2022

There are certain albums that I’ve been stuck on since they came out this year. They have yet to leave my stereo at home, the car or even my mind. So I thought, I’d share a few of these with you and give a little explanation as to why they are stuck in my head. I hope you take some time to check out these albums and bands/artists. Enjoy these!

01) Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell: This is my Album Of The Year. From the moment this album starts till it ends, it completely takes you over. You feel every emotion and feeling conveyed. The music on this album is pure and honest just as the lyrics are. I can’t put into words at the moment to tell you how important this album is and how amazing it really is. I have most of songs off this album playing in my head at all times. This is the type of album that will be with you forever. That’s how great it is!

02) Centershift- A Different Shade: I love this band. I’m a little biased as I work with them but, putting that aside, it’s a really great introduction to Centershift. The melodic heaviness along with the vulnerability in the songs makes this EP stand out. Plus it’s great to have these guys back playing music and doing what they love. And go see them live, it’s one hell of a show!

03) Billy Howerdel- What Normal Was: This record is quite a good album. The thing I love most about this album is what Billy said about the making of it. (I’m paraphrasing) This is the album he truly wanted to make since he was a kid but done in a more modern way and the end result is the best thing he’s done since Ashes Divide. This album pays homage to his love of 80’s new wave (especially Depeche Mode) and it’s done in a respectful way that doesn’t seem like it’s a derivative copy. Plus the live versions of these songs are on a different level.

04) Baroness- Gold & Grey: This album came out in 2019 but I’m still digging it. I love the fact that this is an actual album and the more that you listen it the more you hear just how damn good Baroness is and how far they’ve come. The addition of guitarist Gina Gleason really took this band to a different level and you can hear that on this album. Her ability to play off of each other member and add her own flair to the songs is astounding. This album is one of the bands best and it shows every time I listen to it.

05) If It Kills You- Invisible Self: This band is one of my all time favorite bands I’ve written about on Audioeclectica. The first time I heard If It Kills You, I immediately started the album over. This year they released one of the best albums of the year. It’s one of those records that feels very inspired and focused. There is a lot to take in with each listen which makes it a contagious record to listen to.

06) Cave In- Heavy Pendulum: Another great album that came out in 2022 was this one by Cave In. It’s got all the elements that you’ve come to love about the band and then some. The loss of Caleb Scofield left a huge hole but, the addition of longtime friend Nate Newton (of Converge/Doomriders) has more than filled that spot with his contributions but also his spirit in carrying on what Caleb brought to the band. Heavy Pendulum is an album that deserves to be played loud and proudly.

07) In Parallel- Fashioner: I’m still stuck on this album. I love it. It’s the perfect album to put on and let it just take you away. The soundscapes mixed with the instrumentation and the lyrics and melodies really put you in a sort of trance. It’s one of those albums that you wish didn’t end. I can’t wait for what they are cooking up for their next release

08) The Pretty Reckless- Death By Rock N Roll: This is one of my daughter’s favorite bands and albums. She is always requesting I put it on and the next thing I know she’s singing along to pretty much all the songs. While listening to the album you can definitely hear the true growth in Taylor Momson as a singer and songwriter. This is quite possibly the best album this band has put out yet. The song “Only Love Can Save Me Now” is one of the best rock songs I’ve heard in a long time plus it doesn’t hurt to have Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden on the track. Check out this album if you are in the market for a really good rock album.

09) Every Time I Die- Radical: I’ve been stuck on this one since I came out. I’m still sad that the band is no more but, as a final parting gift, they sure did give us one last album that is absolutely phenomenal. Every time I put this record on, I can’t skip a song. It’s a really great album that never got the proper treatment with tours and all the great things Every Time I Die brought to the table. Still, as a swan song album, what a way to go out!

10) Quicksand- Distant Populations: This is another album that I can’t get to leave my rotation. I love this album. It’s everything Iove about Quicksand and then some. Seeing them live on this cycle was out of this world, especially with the addition of Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky on second guitar. This album is more than just a great album, it sounds absolutely killer. If you are looking for a heavy rock record, this is one where you should start!


Tonight at The Federal (UPSTAIRS) in North Hollywood, The Cobalt Presents in association with Audioeclectica and The Radford Media Group bring you an eclectic night of alternative and rock bands. The doors open at 7pm followed by Bantamweight, Jordi, Darkroads, The Baby Goats and Crime Spree In Candyland. Tickets are $20 at the door and it’s ALL AGES! Full Bar and Kitchen available as well!

Check Out The Bands Below:




The Baby Goats:

Crime Spree In Candyland:

Live Review: Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash

Finding the right words to describe this show has been quite difficult. I could sit with a thesaurus for hours and think of different adjectives and descriptive words but instead I’m just gonna go with the night was FUCKING AWESOME! Everything about it from the venue, the bands, the people in attendance and the overall vibe was something truly memorable. For those that don’t know, in the past year I’ve partnered up with Cobalt Dave from the legendary Cobalt Cafe along with my own partner Jasan Radford from our company RMG to put on live shows again. We started in July 2021 right in the heart of the pandemic and we have been killing it since. This show though, was a true labor of love for me as I handpicked each band to be a part of this night and let me tell you, there was not one ounce of disappointment!

Kicking things off and setting the tone for the night was the mighty Fact Pattern. Their industrial doom style of music created the right attitude for the night and got it all started with one hell of a bang. Performing this night as a two piece the energy radiating off the stage and into the crowd was contagious. Fact Pattern is a band that does the industrial genre justice and beyond. Singer/guitarist Ian Flux and bassist Jack Lowd delivered a sonic pummeling to get the blood pumping for everyone this evening.

Next up was Don’t Panic from Arizona. This alternative rock band just released their stunning new single/video for their song “Time Machine.” Their set was one of those that not only rocked but was visually intriguing with the lights that hit with the beats. Their songs are full of life and vigor. Singer Dylan Rowe has a voice that stands out. Her vocal range is astounding and to have the music that Jeffy, Ryan and Mundo create makes the whole package something tremendous.

Following that was my homies in Centershift. This night was not only my birthday bash but a celebration for them as they just put out their debut EP, A Different Shade. From the moment they stepped on stage, there was no stopping the guys in Centershift from giving their all. It’s been a pleasure to see the progression of this band and on this night, perhaps there was something in the air but, this is exactly how I have heard this band in my head since the inception. Songs like “Dry Well,” “9” and “Kingdoms” were stellar as well as new single “And So.” The new song they brought out for the night kicked some major ass and shows where the band is headed with their writing. Centershift is on their way to making a name for themselves and quick!

Royalty Kult was next up and the delivered their blend of melodic metal. They are one of my favorite up and coming bands in Los Angeles. Since their beginning they have been honing their craft by writing songs that really hit at your heartstrings and delve deep into your feels. Their song “Enjoying The End” with Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves/God Forbid is a banger and the new material they have been working on like the song “Peacemaker” have the hooks that will stick in your head for days. Performance wise, they kept the energy going and delivered just as I knew they would.

Closing out the night was the live debut of Alphamega. I personally couldn’t be more stoked to have them on the show. In the past couple months they have dropped 3 banging singles in “No Longer Broken,” “Annihilator,” and “Pariah” and those 3 songs were definite highlights of their set along with the very first track they ever released “Lords Of The Flies.” Alphamega has a melodic metal sensibility with a bit of a harder edge that is reminiscent of the Swedish Death Metal style of classic In Flames and Soilwork. The stage presence of singer Adam Ryan is commanding but it’s his voice that shines. Guitarist Mike Muenzer adds the perfect tone of distorted and brightness that fits the pocket as drummer Chrissy Warner sends his drums to purgatory with his hard hitting and swing.

All in all, this show was not only memorable for myself but for the scene that we are bringing back. If you were in attendance you could really sense that this was a night that brought many people together and felt like a classic show back in the heyday of live music in Los Angeles. I can’t thank every band enough for being a part of this night. You all killed it! Thank you to everyone that came, bought a ticket, and had a blast! Special thanks to my partners Dave and Jasan. Thank you guys for entrusting me to be a part of this with you and letting me put together a show that rocked! This is only the beginning, stay tuned for more!


By: Brian Lacy

Album Review- Centershift- A Different Shade…

Throughout the years, the voice of a band can really be the difference between a good band and a great band. I distinctly remember the first time I heard a particular band. I was walking along Sunset Blvd on my way to another show and I heard a band just starting and I was completely taken aback. I went to the entrance of the club this band was playing at (The Viper Room), got in cause I knew the door guy (perks of being under 21 at the time and knowing the right people), and from that point in time (pun totally intended) I was hooked not just on the music but the voice. That band was Onesidezero and the voice I heard that has stuck with me ever since was that of Jasan Radford. Fast forward to today and Jasan’s new band Centershift, have just put out their debut EP, A Different Shade… and let me tell you, it’s pretty damn good.

For almost 30 minutes and 7 songs, the moment you put the EP on, it connects with you. The raw emotion and honesty is extremely prevalent on this album. The lyrics to the first song “9” alone pinpoint to that. Speaking on the EP singer/guitarist Jasan Radford said “A Different Shade… is the first piece of what we as a band went through, either personally or together during the last few years. In a way, we wrote and recorded the trials and accomplishments life threw our way.” With that in mind, you the listener can surely find more to connect with. As the EP continues with the stellar “My Own World” (and if you haven’t seen the video for this song, CHECK IT OUT!!), the story begins to unfold and be told. There is a real flow to the way this was all put together. The music that accompanies the passionate words and melodies are on a level on its own. There is a style and tone when you hear these songs that are delicate and full of texture but also hard charging and quite fiery. Then you combine that with the velvety voice and touching lyrics and you’ve got a recipe for one hell of an album. There is one song in particular that I’ve been completely enthralled with and that is the song “Kingdoms.” This one closes out the EP and it’s EPIC! You really need to hear that song (along with the rest of it!).

Centershift is one of the new bands I’m most excited about. The band is made up of Jasan Radford (Onesidezero/Abloom) on vocals/guitar, Ryan Shane Stuber (Shuvel) on guitar, Ted Wenri (Bemus) on bass and on drums Stefan Storace. The four of them have created something that stands up to their other work but also shows the musicianship they have worked on for years and their progression as songwriters. This band is one of those that are the perfect bridge between rock and heavy music. A Different Shade… is only the beginning of where this band has the potential to go.

On Friday May 6, Centershift will be playing at The Federal in North Hollywood as part of Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash. This show will also serve as Centershift’s EP Release Party! So make sure you come out and see what all the fuss is about! Tickets HERE!!!!!!!

Overall Rating: A

Centershift- A Different Shade…

Audioeclectica Birthday Bash:

Band Of The Week: Tangients

I love it when I hear a band and while listening to their songs I get to that moment of “ahhhh.” A while back I came across a post punk band that realy intrigued me. The other elements they had in their music like shoegaze, dream pop, and even the bit of a pop sensibility really peaked my interest and the rest was history. Allow me to introduce you to Tangients. This post-punk-gaze duo is absolutely awesome. Vocalist Chelsea Ray has this intensity to the way she sings that you must hear to believe. The sonic textures of guitars, bass, noise, melody and ambience by Be Hussey adds to the incredible intensity of the vocals. I’ve tried to come up with a good comparison of what I’d describe Tangients as and I think I’ve come up with quite a good one. Think Siouxie and The Banshees mixed with a bit of Bjork, The Cure and a tinge of Portishead. I also am thrilled to announce that TANGIENTS will be a part of Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash, Friday May 6, 2022 at The Federal in North Hollywood! Get your tickets HERE!!!!

Tangients- White Foam:

Tangients- Hazel:

Thank You


I want to take a moment and thank all of you who take the time to read, comment and share all the articles and podcasts that appear on Audioeclectica. This has been beyond fun for me to do. Being able to share the gift of music and spread the word about bands and albums that are truly fantastic is greatly rewarding. I hope you all have enjoyed what’s come so far. The podcast is just getting started, and there are some other things in the works as well. A sincere thank you to you all.



I will leave you with 2 of my favorite albums to enjoy!


Failure- Fantastic Planet:


Nine Inch Nails- The Fragile:

Thank You


I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you out there that have taken the time to read Audioeclectica.

Thank you to all the bands out there that have taken the time to repost articles, reach out to me about their band, share new tunes before they are released, and just chat. It’s bands like you that make doing this site worth it. I wish all the bands that have been part of the Band Of The Week segment nothing but the best in 2016.

To the everyday or casual reader, it really means a lot to all of you out there that take the time to read and comment on the posts. I hope that through this site you’ve been able to discover a plethora of new music to delve into.

2016 will be a great year for music and for Audioeclectica. There are some new things on the horizon like a podcast and a new site for you all to enjoy.

Thank you all for making 2015 a great year for Audioeclectica!

See you in 2016,


I’ll leave you with my favorite Neurosis song of all time. This is “Stones From The Sky,” from their Unsung Masterpiece A Sun That Never Sets.