That Was A Bad Idea: Gene Simmons- Firestarter


Bad ideas happen a lot in music.  I mean A LOT of bad ideas. Sometimes it’s a business decision, a song arrangement, or even a member change/addition. One of the biggest of the bad ideas are cover songs. Sure if you are in your rehearsal studio and you’re messing around it’s fun and silly but, when you actually dare to put it out for the public to hear, that’s a whole other story. I’d like to bring your attention to a cover song that was released in 2004. Gene Simmons, yes THAT Gene Simmons, released a “solo” album in 2004 entitled Asshole. When the album was released the first single from it was a cover of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter.” It’s worth noting too that Dave Navarro lent his guitar playing to this cover. Well, not only did the album flop but, this cover is probably one of the worst covers you’ll ever hear, plus, what Gene looks like and does in the video makes it even worse. Gene Simmons has never been shy about his goal of making money. Just look at all the KISS merchandise there is along with all the other schlock he peddles. This was one of those really bad ideas that will live on in infamy and should you need a laugh, it’s perfect for that.

Gene Simmons- Firestarter:


Gene Simmons- Firestarter Video:


How can Ted Nugent be such an asshole yet write a song like “Stranglehold”

As the years go by, songs, like a fine wine or whiskey get better with age. One song I’ve noticed over the years that has gotten better and better is “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent. Though every time I listen to it, I just can’t help but think of how big of an asshole he is. How can this guy write such a great song, yet be such a douche? This song gets me every time it’s on the radio or in a movie. That riff is just so damn good. It’s got such an awesome groove, and is the perfect driving song. Someone please tell me how these two can make sense.


By: Brian Lacy

Great Comedy Albums: Denis Leary- No Cure For Cancer



The 1990’s were a time of growth, change, and anger. Many notable musical groups emerged as well as comedians with a different take on life and the way we all were living. One of those comedians was Denis Leary. After gaining notoriety for his anger filled rants on MTV as well as a regular on the show Remote Control also on MTV, Denis recorded one of his comedy sets in 1992. this set became a legendary album entitled No Cure For Cancer. This album dealt with topics such as vegetarians, smoking, death, and all around political correctness. One of the highlights of this album was the inclusion of the famous “Asshole” song. Denis has been accused of stealing from the likes of the great Bill Hicks, while there are some similarities in the topics, there is a great deal of difference between the two. Denis has gone on to some great things in his career including his role as star, creator, producer and writer on Rescue Me.



No Cure For Cancer: Full Set


By: Brian Lacy