Arden Fisher

Band Of The Week: Badtooth


A while back I wrote many articles about a band called Dekades. You might remember (if you’ve been reading this site for a long while) I was really stoked about that band. Well, sadly they aren’t together but, thankfully, the singer has continued on with a new project and it’s just as good if not better. Allow me to introduce you to BADTOOTH. Musically it’s dark and pulsating with eerie soundscapes and textures to compliment the goth inspired elements. The latest single “Latent Sea” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. The vocals and accompanying music are both soothing and hypnotic mixed with an ethereal vibe. BADTOOTH is the perfect next step into what electronic music today should be. All the right pieces are intact for this to make a huge impact.


Latent Sea:


Medium Rare:


Dull Knife:




List: Best Female Rock Singers

Here is a list of the best female singers in rock music…in no particular order. I’m sure I missed some so add them in the comments!

1. Shirley Manson- Garbage
2. Joan Jett
3. Lita Ford
4. Janis Joplin
5. Aimee Echo- Human Waste Project/The Start
6. Courtney Love- Hole
7. Grace Slick- Jefferson Airplane
8. Stevie Nicks- Fleetwood Mac
9. Brody Dalle- The Distillers
10. Hope Sandoval- Mazzy Star
11. Delila Paz- The Last Internationale
12. Kim Gordon- Sonic Youth
13. Cristina Scabbia- Lacuna Coil
14. Amber Webber- Black Mountain/Lightning Dust
15. Arden Fisher- Dekades
16. Meg Myers
17. Fiona Apple
18. Ann Wilson- Heart
19. Wendy O Williams- Plasmatics
20. Patti Smith
21. Karen O- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
22. Alanis Morrisette
23. Skin – Skunk Anansie
24. Chrissie Hynde- The Pretenders
25. Emily Armstrong- Dead Sara
26. Alison Mosshart- The Kills

Dekades- Red Trolley


The fantastic Dekades just released a new song. Check it out below:

Attacking with subtle goth moments and borderline industrial sounds, Dekades has unleashed another great song in “Red Trolley.” The vocals and melody are unique and powerful. Imagine if Fiona Apple had more range mixed with Beth Gibbons of Portishead. The drums come out heavy with a bit of a Nine Inch Nails vibe attached to them. The guitar accents and ambience amplifies the direction of the song, all the while the heavy distorted bass drives the song. Dekades are on the right track. I personally can’t wait to hear more.

By: Brian Lacy

Live Review: Dekades at The Silverlake Lounge


Some bands have the ability to completely conquer a venue and make you forget that you are at a dingy place. Dekades did that for me. Their powerful set was a buildup of ambience to all out rock, playing songs off their EP 1.1 and then some. Singer/guitarist Arden Fisher has a voice that is amazing live as it on on record. She believes every word that is being sung and does it all very convincingly. The band themselves are very sound in their playing especially the energy coming from the drummer during their set. His facial expressions encompass his passion for playing and being in the band. The other guitarist and bass player were right in the pocket despite the strange conditions from the sound. The keyboard effects add to the already bombastic sound.  Even with the venue being what it is, Dekades owned the night. One can only imagine the great things on the horizon for them.


By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: Dekades


Shoe gaze, Psychedelia, loud bombastic art rock, these are just a few of the ways to describe the sound of Dekades. This awesome foursome have combined all the above into something driving and pulsating. Fronted by Arden Fisher, her hypnotic voice invokes quite a range of emotions in the lyrics she sings. The guitar work provides lush soundscapes before erupting into melodic rumbling. The rhythm section is extremely tight. The bass lines thump in such a lovely way with the beat of the drums. Their most recent release features 4 songs of sheer enjoyment. Dekades are fast becoming a talked about band in the Los Angeles music scene and it’s very well deserved.


By: Brian Lacy