My Favorite Songs: Sparta- Air


Back in 2002, following the demise of At The Drive In, Sparta (made up of 3 of the members of ATDI) released their debut album, Wiretap Scars, and it left a lasting impact on me. From the moment I heard the first single, “Cut Your Ribbon,” I knew that this band was on to something and it was pretty great. When the album came out, I remember blasting “Cut Your Ribbon” on repeat quite a few times before I let the album play, and then that’s when it all changed. The second song on the album “Air,” was it for me. I couldn’t get past how truly great of a song it was and from that point, it never left my mind. It’s one of those songs that makes it to every long playlist I make as well as when I used to make mixes for people. When you listen to “Air” you get all sorts of feels pumping through your blood. So, take 4 minutes out of your day and let this one take you away.

Sparta- Air:


Unsung Masterpieces: Sparta- Wiretap Scars


The early 2000’s were full of so many bands and genres. One genre that really began to take off at this point was post-hardcore. Following the break up of one of the most exciting bands to come around in years, At The Drive In, members Jim Ward, Paul Hinojos, and Tony Hajjar formed Sparta. In 2002 Sparta released their debut album Wiretap Scars. The album brought well-earned respect and relieved some of the pressure brought on by the shadow of At the Drive-In. Opening the album is  “Cut Your Ribbon”  an explosive rock song that stuck true to the bands roots. “Air” is my all time favorite track on the album. Other tracks such as “Cataract”, “Glasshouse Tarot” and “Mye” are full of emotion and expansive melody. Jim Ward’s vocals really captivate those listening. His delivery makes his words really stand out. The music of Sparta packs enough of a crunch to really drive home the heavy parts, and at the same time can shift to a more subtle approach to highlight the more melodic parts. Wiretap Scars is one of the best albums to come out since the beginning of the 2000’s. It’s one that deserves to be in every collection.

Wiretap Scars:


By: Brian Lacy

Album Review: Sidewave/Anakin split


Containing one original song from each band and a cover, this EP from Sidewave and Anakin is quite awesome. The new track from Sidewave “Out Of Phase” is heavy, catchy and filled with a really steady groove. Vocally the lush melody really shows a range in Phil Golyshko’s voice. Their cover of Air’s “Playground Love” is fantastic. They really were able to take it up a notch and make it their own. Anakin’s new song “Solstice” really plays on the “space rock” tag in a good way. The melody throughout the song is full of hooks and atmosphere. Musically the chunky riff allows the vocals to really show through. Their cover of Fountains Of Wayne’s “Sink To The Bottom” was a great choice for Anakin. They too take the song and make it their own.

Both Sidewave and Anakin are truly great bands that need to be on everyones radar. Do yourselves a favor and take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.


By: Brian Lacy