A Sun That Never Sets

Great Music Videos: Neurosis- Stones From The Sky


Neurosis is one of my all time favorite bands. They are truly innovative, inspirational and influential. If you’ve never really listened to them, I highly recommend you check out the albums Through Silver and Blood, Times of Grace and my personal favorite A Sun That Never Sets. Speaking of A Sun That Never Sets, I’d like to present a great music video for the closing song on that album “Stones From The Sky.” This video is just as epic as the song itself. This also just happens to be one of my favorite Neurosis songs of all time too. I’m not going to go on and on, just put this on and enjoy this great video and epic song!
Neurosis- Stones From The Sky (from A Sun That Never Sets):


Album Rank: Neurosis


Neurosis is one of my all time favorite bands. They are legends and their influence stretches across many genres. They are also one of those bands that has always stuck to their guns and made the albums that they wanted to, without compromising their artistic integrity. Since their inception, Neurosis have released 11 full length studio albums, all of which deserve your attention. Here are their albums ranked from not the best to the best.


Pain of Mind:


Enemy Of The Sun:


The Word As Law:


Given To The Rising:


The Eye Of Every Storm:



Fires Within Fires:


Honor Found In Decay:


Souls At Zero:


Through Silver And Blood:


A Sun That Never Sets:


Times Of Grace:



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I’ll leave you with my favorite Neurosis song of all time. This is “Stones From The Sky,” from their Unsung Masterpiece A Sun That Never Sets.


Unsung Masterpieces: Neurosis- A Sun That Never Sets


In August 2001, Neurosis put out one of the best albums since the turn of the century. After establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the heavy music world and releasing 2 influential and classic albums (Through Silver and Blood & Times Of Grace), Neurosis returned with another classic A Sun That Never Sets. This album saw the band move even further away¬†from their punk/hardcore roots and more into the experimental side of things all the while keeping with their “sludgy” sound and now incorporating a bit of a folk influence into the music. The album was again recorded by Steve Albini, and he has been able to capture the true essence of Neurosis for years now. A Sun That Never Sets is hypnotic in the way the songs all flow together to create the sound of the the world crumbling down around you. When you listen to songs like “The Tide,” “From The Hill,” “Crawl Back In,” and “Stones From The Sky (one of my personal favorite Neurosis songs ever),” you really can capture the essence of what this band is all about,

Neurosis has always been the type of band to do write what they want for themselves and not cater to any particular group. This album specifically marks the  point in their career when they just let all their influences come to play. There iis something truly special about this album. Take a listen and you will hear what I mean.

Neurosis- A Sun That Never Sets: