A Night Like This

Cover Comparison: Professional Murder Music VS The Smashing Pumpkins (The Cure)- A Night Like This

The other day I had a song stuck in my head and after about 10 minutes I remembered who the band was and I went and put it on. The band was Professional Murder Music, who you might remember from the early 2000’s and their inclusion on the End Of Days soundtrack with their song “Slow.” While listening to their album, I remembered their very great cover of The Cure’s “A Night Like This.” While listening to that I thought, I should listen to another cover of the song by The Smashing Pumpkins. The pumpkins version is sung by James Iha so it has a different vibe than you’d normally get as we are so used to Billy/William as the singer. So I spent some time with both and I have my favorite of the two. Which one do you prefer?

Professional Murder Music- A Night Like This:

The Smashing Pumpkins (James Iha on Vocals)- A Night Like This:

Cover Thursday: Professional Murder Music (The Cure)- A Night Like This

I recently gave a friend of mine a bunch of music to listen to. One of the bands I gave him was Professional Murder Music. Some of you might remember them in the early 2000’s. They were featured on the End Of Days soundtrack. Anyway, on their debut album they did a really cool version of The Cure’s “A Night Like This,” so I thought I’d share their version on this cover Thursday.

Professional Murder Music- A Night Like This:

The Cure- A Night Like This: