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Cover Song: 10 Years (Nirvana)- Heart Shaped Box


On the bonus track edition of the new 10 Years album, (How To Live) As Ghosts, they did a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.” It’s quite a cool cover with a very moody approach. It’s one of those covers that when you hear it, you’ll enjoy it. They did the song justice and put their own spin on it. The vibe of this song would be great in a movie trailer.

10 Years- Heart Shaped Box:


Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2

Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2 is here and what an “eclectic” show it is. I’ve got some really great bands and songs to play for you all. Be prepared to experience something intriguing,

Remember this show is totally interactive. I’m interested to know what bands/songs you dig and don’t. I’m also taking requests be it bands/songs you want to hear, topics you’d like me to discuss, and anything else you might find interesting.

All this is done because I love music and love being able to tell others about great music that is out there.

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Enjoy the show!


Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2:

Album Review: 10 Years- (how to live) As Ghosts


Since 2005 I’ve been a fan of the band 10 Years. Their major label debut, The Autumn Effect, was quite an album and set a standard for the band. Over the years through various incarnations of the band, albums and producers, 10 Years consistently put out albums, some of which were rather good (Division and Minus The Machine) and some albums that seemed to fall short of what they could have been (Feeding The Wolves and From Birth To Burial). Now on their eighth album, 10 Years have found the spark again and have delivered an album just as impactful as The Autumn Effect. (how to live) As Ghosts is a tremendous melodic rock album and the album the band needed to make. Working with famed producer Nick Raskulinecz (Alice In Chains, Deftones, Foo Fighters), got the band back on track and the songs really shine because of it as does the entire sound of the album.

One of the things that has always stood out to me about 10 Years is singer/lyricist Jesse Hasek. He has a way with melodies and a knack for writing lyrics that are not just thought provoking but also tug at your heart strings. You can hear that in songs like “The Messenger,” “Burnout,” “Ghosts,” “Phantoms (which is my favorite song on the album as of this writing),” “Vampires,” “Halos,” and the closer “Insomnia.” Something else that stands out about this album is the return of guitarist Matt Wantland who left the band after the album Division. With Wantland and guitarist (and former drummer) Brian Vodinh, they have written heavy yet catchy riffs that stand out among all their albums. Also included as a bonus track is a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.” This mid tempo cover is delicate and beautiful. It’s almost haunting in the way it was arranged. It’s definitely a cover worth checking out!

10 Years aren’t the type of band that is reinventing the wheel. Instead they do rock music the justice it deserves and add the right amount of melody and aggression to be impactful. (How to live) As Ghosts is the perfect return to form for 10 Years and gives hope for the future of the band.

Overall Rating: B+

10 Years- (how to live) As Ghosts:



Anticipated Albums: 10 Years- (How To Live) As Ghosts


In a couple weeks the band 10 Years will release their new album (How To Live) As Ghosts. This new album is shaping up to be quite a tremendous album for the band. Rather than self producing as they did on their previous two releases, they chose to work with Tennessee native and the very in demand Nick Raskulinecz. From the two songs released so far, “Novacaine” and “Burnout” you can tell there is a fire burning inside these guys again. The new album comes out October 27th!


10 Years- Novacaine:


10 Years- Burnout:



Album Rank: 10 Years


I’ve been going back to bands I haven’t listened to in a while and rediscovering what made me get into them in the first place. One of the bands I went back to was 10 Years. They’ve always been a good go to for some solid rock music with lots of melody. During the course of listening to all their albums I thought that it would be a good time to do an album rank of their records. So here it is from not their best to their best.


From Birth To Burial:




Feeding The Wolves:


Minus The Machine:


The Autumn Effect:


A Second Look: 10 Years


It’s often easy to dismiss bands you hear on the radio. Most are just plain generic bands with no substance or truth behind them. For every 10 of those types of bands there is usually 1 in the bunch that really stands out, and defies those standards mentioned above. One of those bands is 10 Years. 10 Years was initially formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999. In 2005 they released their major label debut, The Autumn Effect. The songs “Wasteland” and “Through The Iris” were released as singles and garnered solid radio play. During the album cycle for their debut, they toured with Korn, Sevendust, Deftones, Mudvayne and others. The follow up Division was released in 2008. This album has a different feel to it. Rick Parasher (Pearl Jam Ten) was chosen to produce this album. Some of the members of the band have gone on to say that this was a very difficult album to make, hence the name of the album. Songs like “Beautiful,” So Long, Goodbye,” “Actions and Motives,” are all standouts amongst others like “All Your Lies,” and “Focus” which was co-written by Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots. Touring saw 10 Years share the stage with  Sevendust, Chevelle, and was apart of the 2008 Projekt Revolution tour. For their third album Feeding The Wolves, Howard Benson was picked to produce (on a personal note, I think Howard Benson’s production is too polished and clean, taking away from the raw feeling of the band). During recording, the band went back and forth between putting on live shows and working on the album. During this time, they debuted a few new songs live, including “Dead in the Water”, “Now is the Time”, and the new album’s first single “Shoot It Out.” Other standouts from the album include “Fix Me” and the epic closer “Fade Into (The Ocean).” When it came time to write a new album, 10 Years had announced that they were leaving their label to become independent again. The result was Minus The Machine, which was their most organic album since The Autumn EffectIt was released on August 7, 2012 through their own independent label called Palehorse Records. Songs such as “Minus The Machine,” “Backlash,” “Knives,” and “Forever Fields (Sowing Season)” are all standouts from the album.  The bands live show has always been full of great energy and true emotion. Listening to singer Jesse Hasek, you can hear in his voice that the words really mean something. Guitar wise Ryan “Tater” Johnson has great ability to play heavy and delicate songs without overplaying. Lewis Cosby plays the bass with enough force to make the low end shine and it balances extremely well with Brian Vodinh’s powerful drums. 

10 Years is the real deal. They aren’t your typical radio friendly band. If you wrote them off, give them another listen. They really are a gem amongst a sea of nothings.


The Autumn Effect:




Feeding The Wolves:


Minus The Machine:





By: Brian Lacy