Deep Cuts: Stone Temple Pilots- Sin

The other day I was watching/listening to a great interview Rick Beato did with Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots. As soon as that interview was over, I immediately went into STP mode and started with Core all the way to the final album with Scott. While listening to all these great songs and albums, I went back to Core when it was all done because there has always been a song on that album that to me has never gotten the due it deserves. The song I’m talking about is “Sin.” This track is right smack in the middle of the album and it’s a truly remarkable song. Then when you combine the instrumental track “No Memory” before “Sin” it makes for one hell of a combination. “Sin” is one of those songs in the STP catalog that shows just how good of a band they really are. From Scott’s vocals, lyrics and melodies on this one, to the sort of behind the beat but right in the pocket drums of Eric Kretz, then you have the bass parts by Robert DeLeo that adds this really cool pseudo jazz/70’s rock element that makes the guitar work of Dean DeLeo brighter, plus the guitar solo towards the end is just so perfect for the song. A song like “Sin” is a perfect deep cut. It’s also one of those songs I wish got played live more, it’s that good!

Stone Temple Pilots- Sin (Album Version):

Stone Temple Pilots- No Memory/Sin (Live 1993):

Rick Beato Interview with Robert DeLeo:

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