New Release: MAL- Come To Light

This is really exciting. One of my favorite bands I’ve written about here, MAL, have released “Come To Light” the first single off their upcoming new album! MAL are a very unique band that will absolutely capture your attention. Combining different genres and elements, MAL’s sound is otherworldly. When you listen to this band you hear all sorts of different things from 90’s alt rock, art rock, prog rock, and even a tinge of post-hardcore but the combination of all this and more is what makes MAL special. They aren’t your run of the mill rock band and this song without a doubt proves that. I’ve had the pleasure to hear this song live a few times now at Cobalt Presents shows and let me tell you, it’s an absolute certified banger. I look forward to what’s to come from MAL and when they are coming through to your town, make it a point to see them live!

MAL- Come To Light:

On Other Streaming Platforms:

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