Album Review: Common Wounds- Common Wounds

A few weeks back I was introduced to the band Common Wounds and from that point I’ve been hooked. At first I had only heard their song “Phantom Limb” but, that was enough for me to know that this was a band right up my alley. Their style of post-hardcore, part noise-rock and full on crushing rock is just what the rock world needs. The five songs that make up this fantastic EP, are hard charging, heavy and fully inspired songs. This is the type of record that when it ends, you immediately want to start it over. Common Wounds are the type of post-hardcore band that really gets it. They have the ability to mix the right amount of heavy with a side of emotional hardcore. Take the right parts of Fugazi and Rites Of Spring and add a bit of Helmet (Strap It On/Meantime era) and what you have is a recipe that Common Wounds have come storming out of the gate with. Each song on this EP, has a life of its own. There is a natural aggressive tone to it but, there’s also a bit of a melodic sensibility that gives the songs the space they need to explode. The production on this release is exceptional. Being able to hear the instruments with the right tones and having a mix that encapsulates the entire sound is the perfect harmony. It’s also very refreshing to hear a band like Common Wounds. There are so many bands out there that straight up copy their influences verbatim but, when you hear Common Wounds, it sounds inspired and fresh. I look forward to what Common Wounds have coming up and seeing this live. Do yourself a favor and take this EP for a spin!

Overall Rating: A

Common Wounds- Common Wounds:


Hit Or Miss:

Phantom Limb:

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