PLAYLIST: The Audioeclectica Playlist- March 2023

I’ve been working on bringing back Audioeclectica Radio but, in the mean time I thought, why not make a playlist of some of the songs that I’ve really been digging on. What you have below are 20 songs from bands/artists that stretch across many different genres and styles. The one thing I did do while making this playlist is I made it one that if you start it from track one and go all the way to the end, you’ll definitely feel like you are immersed in it as it takes you on quite a ride!


The Audioeclectica Playlist- March 2023:


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Tracks (Albums In Parenthesis):

01) Bush- Heavy Is The Ocean (The Art Of Survival)
02) Greg Puciato- Never Wanted That (Mirrorcell)
03) Iress- Ricochet (Ricochet- Single)
04) Arc Angles- Absurdity / Atrocity (Daisy)
05) Common Wounds- Phantom Limb (Common Wounds EP)
06) Botch- One Twenty Two (One Twenty Two- Single)
07) Black Magnet- Wolverine Dreams (Body Prophecy)
08) Alphamega- Annhilator (Between Light And Shadows)
09) Stronger Than Machines- Gravedigger (Undivided)
10) Know//Suffer- Iron Sharpens Irons (Winter Two Piece)
11) Turbid North- The Road (The Decline)
12) Converge & Chelsea Wolfe- Flower Moon (Bloodmoon: I)
13) Holy Fawn- Sightless (Dimensional Bleed)
14) SOM- Clocks (The Shape Of Everything)
15) Baroness- Tourniquet (Gold & Grey)
16) The Smashing Pumpkins- Empires (ATUM Act II)
17) Billy Howerdel- Ani (What Normal Was)
18) The Baby Goats- Two Shakes (Two Shakes- Single)
19) Centershift- Fade Away (A Different Shade Of Color)
20) MAL- Ritual (Ritual- Single)

Running Time: 93mins

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