Live Review: Cobalt Night at Corbin Bowl 1/20/23

Starting off the night was the ska/punk band Barfight Grande. These guys got the night started off right with a fun party vibe and were quite the fun and engaging band to watch. It has been a minute since I listened to a band like this and I have to say I had a really good time watching them. I even noticed my feet and head moving a bit. Plus they had a trombone and that makes it all the more fun. From there the tone was set for the night.

Next up was War Tomorrow. This ferocious punk band tore through their set with a reckless passion that I have missed in a lot of bands. These young guys (high school age) were absolutely on fire as they got the crowd really going and delivered solid song after song. I was really into what they were doing. They mix punk and metal and throw in a little 90’s alternative in there and the combination of the three is a delight. These kids are on to something quite good. They have the songs and show that the Cobalt was built on. Look forward to seeing them at another Cobalt show

Following that was the skate punk rock band Gone Postal. They reminded me of the mid 90’s punk explosion bands. They came out swinging with the right attitude and vibe. It was quite fun to watch and listen to them as they would definitely have been a Cobalt favorite back in the day. Their style fit in quite well with the whole night and the crowd was totally into it. Gone Postal are the type of fun party band but there is more than just a party to this band. Listening to the songs, there was a lot of depth to them underneath which to a music fan like me matters. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys keep doing. Very fun band to see!

Then came the doom! One of my favorite bands I’ve been following, Constraints Of Light took the stage and absolutely crushed it. This two piece band (yes 2 people) delivered one hell of a punch. As a fan of this style of music for as long as I’ve been, their sound felt refreshing and powerful without losing the elements that make this style of music what it is. It’s part doom, part sludge, part grunge, part stoner rock and all together a giant walloping punch right to the face (in a total good way). Watching the two of them play you get sucked into a sort of trance as their sound is so impactful and grabs you by the throat. The riffs and rhythms are pummeling but there is just the right amount of space in between to let the songs shine for what they are. Constraints Of Light is one hell of a live band. Definitely one to see live!

After that came the thrash! Up and comers Diabology took the stage and just as Constraints Of Light did, they crushed it. They played with precision, passion and danger. The crowd was completely into it and the heads were a banging. One of the things I loved most about this band was not only did they have good songs they understand that putting on a show matters. Their set was straight up on fire and they never let their foot off the gas pedal. I was a little familiar with the band as they have been on my radar for a bit and they were excellent. They even premiered a couple new songs that shows that this band is progressing quite well and I can’t wait to hear what they do next as well. If you are looking for some heavy thrash metal, check out Diabology!

Closing out the night was the ever fun This Is A Train Wreck. To have a pop punk style band go on after a thrash metal band is no easy task but, the guys in This Is A Train Wreck really kept the fun going and crowd engaged. Their set was one of those that was full of life and had the spirit of what the Cobalt is all about, bringing people together for the love and fun of music, no matter the genre. This Is A Train Wreck is one of the most fun bands I’ve seen in a while. They have great on stage banter that keeps the audience engaged as well as the vibe still going. These guys are seasoned and it shows. Their pop-punk style fit with the whole night quite well and was a really nice bow on top of an exquisite night.

Also throughout the night, DJ Johnny Scott Gramercy (a long time Cobalt veteran) was spinning records that not only played a huge part in the fun of the night but, the choices of songs and when they were played made it even better. It’s amazing that you can have all these bands from varied genres and then have a DJ who gets it and is able to tie it all together to make the night that much more fun. Thanks Johnny for all the great tunes!

What a great night this was. If you haven’t been to a Cobalt Presents event, you really should. The shows are put together quite well, the venues the shows are at are fun and there’s a good vibe when it’s a Cobalt night. The Cobalt was and still is synonymous with putting on great shows and this is even more proof of that. I will admit, I am a part of putting these shows together but, I can still look at these from and outside looking in. I’m not kidding when I say that you should come to these shows! They are a total blast and then some. The care that goes into curating these shows is not something that is just randomly put together. Instead you get a night that will rock your socks and shoes off! So, don’t hesitate and make it out to the next one!

Review By: Brian Lacy

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