2022 End Of The Year Lists: Best Albums

Next up on Audioeclectica.com’s 2022 End Of The Year Lists, the Best Albums Of The Year. The stipulation is that said album/EP had to have been released this year.

Picks 1-11ARE IN ORDER. 12 through the rest ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER there’s too many good ones to put a number on them!!! And I’m sure I forgot a few. Let me know what I missed.

01) Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell
02) Holy Fawn- Dimensional Bleed
03) Cave In- Heavy Pendulum
04) Thoughtcrimes- Altered Pasts
05) Som- The Shape Of Everything
06) Machine Head- Of Kingdom And Crown
07) Centershift- A Different Shade Of Color
08) Faetooth- Remnants Of The Vessel
09) Bush- The Art Of Survival
10) Spirit In The Room- Flamingo
11) If It Kills You- Invisible Self
12) Lamb Of God- Omens
13) The Halo Effect- Days Of The Lost
14) Billy Howedel- What Normal Was
15) Meshuggah- Immutable
16) Coheed and Cambria- Vaxis II
17) Ken Mode- Null
18) The Cult- Under The Midnight Sun
19) Placebo- Never Let Me Go
20) Emma Ruth Rundle- Engine Of Hell
21) Drug Church- Hygiene
22) Russian Circles- Gnosis
23) Korn- Requiem
24) Liam Gallagher- C’mon You Know
25) Alphamega- Between Light and Shadow
26) Author & Punisher- Kruller
27) Black Map- Melodoria
28) Dalek- Precipice
29) Deaf Club- Productive Disruption
30) Decapitated- Cancer Culture
31) Helms Alee- Keep This Be The Way
32) Be Well- Hello Sun
33) The Smile- A Light For Attracting Attention
34) God Mother- Obeveklig
35) Dead Cross- Dead Cross II

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