New Release: Alphamega- Pariah

This is exciting!! Alphamega has released a new single and it’s a banger! “Pariah” is a melodic metal jam for sure. The soaring vocal melodies, deep personal lyrics, hard charging riffs, and banging drums make this one hell of a track. Their first two songs released “No Longer Broken” and “Annhilator” are more heavy, this one is a bit more mid tempo but it shows their ability as songwriters to be dynamic and explore different sounds and ideas, while still holding down their roots! Alphamega is about to leave their mark on the rock world! Take notice!

On Friday May 6, Alphamega will be playing at The Federal in North Hollywood as part of Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash. So make sure you come out and see what all the fuss is about! Tickets HERE!!!!!!!


Alphamega- No Longer Broken:

Alphamega- Annihilator:

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