Alternate Versions: Brand New- Devil & God Demos

Brand New’s album The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me is one of the best albums of the 21st century. If you haven’t heard it, you really should make a point to do so. It’s one of those albums that the moment it starts, it captivates you and compels you to start it over as soon as it’s over. The album has some interesting history to it. Not only was it the bands major label debut but, before the album was even released there were 9 songs that were leaked out in demo form. The band was disappointed to hear of the leak; however, they had already been performing new tracks at live shows. Initially leaked without song titles, two of the songs would be re-recorded for the album (“Sowing Season” and “Luca”), with two others being re-recorded and released on singles from the album. These versions are quite different than the what is found on the album. These leaked demos are referred to by fans as Fight Off Your Demons, the batch of leaked demos were remastered and officially released to the public on December 2, 2015. It’s quite a good complimentary release to The Devil and God. It gives you a different perspective on the writing of the album and the mindset. As much as it sucked to have these songs leaked, I do believe it did do the band good in that it pushed them a bit more to keep going and the end result is an absolute masterpiece.

Brand New- Fight Off Your Demons (aka Leaked Demos 2006):

Brand New- The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me:

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