New Release: VOWWS- One By One

Ever since I heard the band VOWWS, I’ve been smitten by them. The way they’ve mixed and blended post-punk, new wave, goth, industrial and electronic music is absolutely superb. As a two piece the amount of volume they emit is astounding. And their live show is one that you won’t want to miss. Now, VOWWS has released a new single and I couldn’t be more stoked. “One By One” is trippy song that creates this rich tension in the way the guitar and electronic elements come together, mix that with the rich vocals and when those melodic parts kick in, it all comes together to create a delightful sound. The accompanying video is a bit psychedelic too. Directed by longtime collaborator Jordan Hemingway and edited by the bands own Rizz with Ella Turner-Bridger, they’ve created something that is artsy and intriguing while captivating you to listen!

VOWWS- One By One:

VOWWS- One By One/Shadow Man (Single):

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