Those 90’s Songs: Eve 6- Inside Out

Eve 6 | Light In The Attic Records

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of 90’s rock music. There was just something honest and pure about that time before everything got convoluted. One of my favorite things to do back then was just put the radio on and soak up all the songs played. I used to love to keep a blank tape in the stereo to record the songs I liked a lot. One of those songs that I would constantly put on tapes was “Inside Out” by Eve 6. I remember this song coming out and being really into it. It’s one of those songs from the late 90’s that you couldn’t escape and now when you hear it, it automatically takes you back in a good way. The song was a big hit in the US topping the Modern Rock charts 3 different times and 4 weeks at number 1. It even got to 28 on the Top 40 charts. Another interesting tidbit, the band’s self titled debut album was written when the members were 16/17 years old! Here’s to Eve 6 and a great and lasting song!

Eve 6- Inside Out:

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