Memorable TV Perofrmances: Against Me on David Letterman 2014

Fuckmylife666" - Against Me! on David Letterman 1.29.2014 [YouTube Video] |  Zumic | Free Music Streaming & Concert Listings

Take a trip back to January 2014 with me. Against Me is about to release their highly anticipated new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues and with that comes all the late night shows to perform on. One such performance of theirs that has always stood out to me took place in January 2014 on the Late Show with David Letterman. When you watch the band perform, especially Laura Jane Grace, you can really get a sense of the joy and excitement of each member. The energy and prowess that is emitted during this is contagious and exciting. The album was a new chapter in many ways for the band and Laura and it has truly become one of the best albums of the new century. Against Me is one hell of a great band and it has shown throughout the years and on each album. Here’s to more great music from Against Me and Laura Jane Grace in the near future!

Against Me- Fuckmylife666 (Live On The Late Show with David Letterman/2014):

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