Band Of The Week: So Hideous

Mixing genres to create something interesting is always a gamble. If you put the wrong combinations together the end result can put you on the wrong path. One band that I’ve recently been intrigued by that mixes genres is So Hideous. Mixing post-rock, atmospheric black metal, and a bit of an orchestral film score type vibe, So Hideous have put together a recipe for something that will hit you on impact. The bands new album, None But a Pure Heart Can Sing is a new and astonishing piece of work from this adventurous band. Still raging as hard as ever, still expressing the extremes of torment and beauty, None But a Pure Heart Can Sing sees So Hideous incorporate new sounds and rhythms into its approach. When discussing the thematic elements of the record Brandon Cruz said “The record is about rediscovering the freedom to share your passion, whether it be your art or your own voice, without any angst, anger or second thoughts. We talked a lot about the times we used to get into a room to play when we were 16 or whatever and the only barometer was if it ‘felt right and sounded good.’ When you see little kids they just extemporaneously break out into song and dance. They don’t care who’s watching. I had this idea of someone in some form of captivity, yearning to be free and sing her song.” Based on that, I couldn’t agree more. This record is pretty damn good!

So Hideous- None But A Pure Heart Can Sing:

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