New Release: Mastodon- Sickle and Peace

Mastodon Announce New Album Hushed and Grim, Share New Song: Listen |  Pitchfork

Since the turn of the century when they formed, Mastodon have been one of the best bands to come out. Their evolution as a band is one that is astounding. Had they come out in a different era, they’d probably be one of the biggest bands. Now in 2021, the guys in Mastodon are gearing up to release their ninth studio album, Hushed and Grim. They’ve already released a couple tracks ahead of its release and now they have dropped one of their most jazzy tracks ever with “Sickle and Peace.” There’s a psychedelic doomy jazz sense to this song. It’s one of those songs that in the context of the album will make more sense especially since Mastodon is one of those bands that make “albums.” I’d love to hear this song live at some point during an upcoming tour as I feel like this is going to be one hell of an epic track live.

Mastodon- Sickle and Peace:


Pushing The Tides:

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